The Fall of the Roman Empire movie plot

2022-07-04 12:41
Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius ( Anthony Quayle ), decides in his later years to pass the throne to the worthy courtier Lydias (Stephen Boyd) rather than the prince Lucius Aurelius Commodus Antoninus (Alec Guinness). ) and was thus poisoned. Liyas did not become the emperor of Rome, but assisted his friend Lucius Aurelius Commodus Antoninus to ascend to the throne, but he attracted the jealousy of the emperor, so he sent him to guard the frontier. The new emperor ascended the throne, was incompetent in governing the country, and was cruel and inhumane. The tax increase caused resistance from all over the world, and it was the elder sister Princess Lucilla who took the lead. The new emperor sent Libyas to conquer, and Libyas faced his lover, but still chose to be loyal to the monarch. But the emperor captured him and the princess, and prepared to burn them to death. Liyas finally killed the faint king and took the princess away from the royal family. Since then, the Roman Empire has gradually come to an end.
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The Fall of the Roman Empire quotes

  • Verulus: Ceasar, you are unarmed. Even a woman with a dagger can be dangerous.

    Commodus: She has no dagger. She's my - sister.

  • Timonides: Fellow Romans. I am a teacher, and as a teacher I know that when I have tried to teach the same lesson for a hundred times and still the pupil does not understand, then I am forced to the conclusion that perhaps there's something wrong, Either with the lesson or with the teacher. A hundred times we have taught those we have called barbarians what it means to make war with Rome. We've burned their villages, we've crucified their leaders. we've enslaved their young. Fires go out, the dead are buried, the slaves die, slowly. But their hatred that we leave behind us never dies! Hatred means wars. Wars mean tribute torn from our provinces, taxes, hunger, disease. How costly that is! How wasteful! And yet the answer is simple. We must have no war.

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