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2022-10-23 10:08
The screenwriter and director of the film, Menno Meyjes, has written the script for Spielberg's " The Color Purple " and other films, but this film is his directorial debut, so the first part of the film seems a little loose in rhythm, the performance of the characters and the plot. The explanations of the film are a little blunt, and it is for this reason that the last 20 wonderful minutes played a wonderful role in turning corruption into magic, and won a lot of points for the film. Among the main actors in the film, John Cusack, who plays Max, has a wonderful performance, while Hitler, played by Noah Taylor, is more or less facial. It also seriously reduces the overall impact of the film. As "Hitler Prequel", the film is just a fictional fable. The film's description of Hitler's growth is very interesting, and many details are closely related to the real history, which expands the audience's imagination. But if you really interpret the film as a historical biopic, it would be a bit misleading   .
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Max quotes

  • Liselore Von Peltz: I didn't know you had a Monet.

    Max Rothman: [mouths] I don't.

  • Liselore Von Peltz: Where's your wife?

    Max Rothman: Waiting for her entrance, I suppose.

    Liselore Von Peltz: And where does that leave me?

    Max Rothman: Talented, with options.

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