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2022-10-23 10:56
Munich, 1918. The world has just emerged from the smoke of the First World War. Everyone is facing great changes and is in shock every day. The future has never approached so rapidly. In this era of sudden changes, it is a paradise for careerists and dreamers. The lines between art, politics and personal beliefs have become unexpectedly blurred, and there is only one question: what now. Where will everything go.
, a veteran returning from World War I, the reality is far different than he expected. He is one of thousands of wounded soldiers who must try to remake their lives. Once a promising Jewish painter, he lost his right arm on the battlefield and his talent for painting went with it. But the future still attracts Max like a magnet, in sync with the birth of the modern age, without end. He opened a gallery and quickly became famous. Also captured by the post-war emotions are his beautiful wife and children. This once beautiful family is now torn apart by uncertainty and Max 's infatuation with his charming mistress
Then, at the opening of a new exhibition, Max met another man curious about the future: a veteran, inspired painter. The man's name is Adolf Hitler, and he's determined to use his artistic genius in politics. He finally put his ideas into practice, bringing about the darkest times of the 20th century   .
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Max quotes

  • Max Rothman: I've heard these theories all my life: blood science, eugenics; it's rubbish. It's complete nonsense. It's kitsch. Put it out of your mind. It's not modern. It's not scientific. It will hold you back as an artist. Speaking of which, how's your work coming along? I mean, why are you making those appalling speeches for the army?

    Adolf Hitler: I'm just keeping my hand in it.

    Max Rothman: Keeping your hand in what?

    Adolf Hitler: The army is paying my expenses.

    Max Rothman: Ah, so you don't actually believe that rubbish.

    Adolf Hitler: Don't tell me you're happy with the peace.

    Esther: Hello, Max.

    Max Rothman: Hello, Esther. How are you, sweetheart?

    [Max stands up, kisses Esther on both cheeks, and sits back down]

    Max Rothman: I think the peace is a travesty, but I don't think I can be bothered to pick up the German banner from the mud with my left arm. I gave at the office, you know.

  • [first lines]

    [George Grosz crashes and drunkenly runs stumbling in, looks around at the paintings on display, and begins to vomit]

    Max Rothman: George, so glad you like it.

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