The Lost Battalion movie plot

2022-10-23 17:35
It tells the story of the bloody October when the American and German troops confronted each other during the curtain call of the First World War . This is the strongest combination of the coalition, led by a civilian soldier, a group of 500 young and brave soldiers from Ireland, Italy, Judea and Poland, etc., shoulder the arduous task of attacking Germany. In the blazing battlefield, when the enemy is outnumbered, they have only two options: surrender or die in battle. They chose the third choice, and thus became the people's heroes praised by the world   .
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The Lost Battalion quotes

  • Maj. Whittlesey: Lieutenant Leak, fine officer, from Texas...

    Capt. McMurtry: We lost over 60 men to our own fire today. We heave less then 200 able troops left. I don't know how they keep doing it.

    Maj. Whittlesey: Don't sell them short, Captain. Two days ago we had a Chinese working our field-phone, an American-Indian for a runner; they're both dead now but that's not the point. These Italians, Irish, Jews, and Poles, they'd never hire me as an attorney; we wouldn't be seen at the same events. But we will never, in our lives, enjoy the company of finer soldiers or better men then we do tonight.

    Capt. McMurtry: Major, I was with Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders. And I have never served with a finer officer then you. Do you know that your men would do anything, go anywhere for you?

    Maj. Whittlesey: Thank you, George.

  • [last lines]

    Gen. Robert Alexander: Major Whittlesey, there's going to be promotions and commondations for everybody! No wonder our airplanes couldn't find this place.

    Lipasti: Well... your artillery certainly found it, General.

    Gen. Robert Alexander: [to Whittlesey] Where's the rest of your battallion?

    Maj. Whittlesey: [Whittlesee hands the General the collection of dog-tags] Sgt. Gaedeke we couldn't find enough to bury. Lt. Schenck's platoon is somewhere out there. I sent him to link with the French you said were on our flank, General.

    Gen. Robert Alexander: [pulls Whittlesey aside] These are acceptable losses...

    Maj. Whittlesey: Not to me, sir.

    Gen. Robert Alexander: I understand your feelings for your men.

    Maj. Whittlesey: You said our flanks were supported and you ordered my men to attack. You said supply would catch up to us... which it did not! Is that acceptable to you?

    Gen. Robert Alexander: Yes, that's acceptable to me. We were able to break through the German line because you held on here... because you held on here like a thorn in their belly. Major, you did an incredible job out here, but you had 600 men to worry about and I had 20,000 sent into action. I have to live with that...


    Gen. Robert Alexander: I sent for trucks to bring your men back. They've been through hell.

    Maj. Whittlesey: You'll never know what they've been through, or what they can and can't do. They're better then you, General. They're better then me, they always are.

    Gen. Robert Alexander: Let me take you and your officers back in my staff car.

    Maj. Whittlesey: That's not acceptable, Sir. I'll stay with my men.

    Gen. Robert Alexander: I understand.

    Maj. Whittlesey: [the General salutes and Whittlesey just turns away] Men, we're moving out!

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