The Lost Battalion movie plot

2022-10-23 17:35
It tells the story of the bloody October when the American and German troops confronted each other during the curtain call of the First World War . This is the strongest combination of the coalition, led by a civilian soldier, a group of 500 young and brave soldiers from Ireland, Italy, Judea and Poland, etc., shoulder the arduous task of attacking Germany. In the blazing battlefield, when the enemy is outnumbered, they have only two options: surrender or die in battle. They chose the third choice, and thus became the people's heroes praised by the world   .
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The Lost Battalion quotes

  • Lt. Leak: Morning, sir.

    Maj. Whittlesey: We don't salut up here Lieutenant.

    Lt. Leak: I'm sorry, sir.

    Maj. Whittlesey: My officers of men shave everyday.

    Lt. Leak: Oh, I'm sorry, sir.

    Maj. Whittlesey: You're sorry about a lot of things.

    Lt. Leak: Well, we got up here kinda late yesterday and...

    Maj. Whittlesey: Is that and excuse or an explanation? I'm not interested in either on. I want you and your platoon squared away, make sure your men have full rations, plenty of ammo. And wear that uniform properly. Put on dry socks if you have them and straighten your helmet. Oh and Lt. Leak, welcome to the 308th.

  • Cepheglia: This is a French Cho-Cho.

    Rosen: Chauchat.

    Cepheglia: It's a piece of garbage, don't worry about it.

    Rosen: Leave it to Henchman and Hollingshead.

    Cepheglia: Don't worry about mortars, tanks and artillery.

    Rosen: We don't have any of that either.

    Cepheglia: Basically we're mud crunchers,

    Rosen: Gravel agitators.

    Cepheglia: Infantry.

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