Love Liza movie plot

2022-10-23 18:56
Somewhere in the Midlands of America, Wilson Joe (Philip Seymour Hoffman), a successful web designer, suddenly has a fatal blow to his life - inexplicably, with his young wife Liza. died. In order to find the cause of his wife's death, Wilson finds his mother-in-law (Kathy Bates), hoping to get her support and help.
It is a pity that Wilson and his mother-in-law caused a bigger conflict. The reason was that his wife left a suicide note. The mother-in-law insisted on opening it to see what happened. The letter was regarded as the last conversation with his wife, and as a means of survival.
In the face of the pain, Wilson once thought of suicide to relieve the torture. He tried to suck the gasoline exhaust gas and the fuel of the model airplane, but the result was only temporary peace. In desperation, Wilson decided to continue living by relying on the unsealed suicide note. He finally gathered up the courage to start a new life. He played with a model airplane, hoping to use his eccentric behavior to alleviate the problem. pain. What happened next made the new life he had just begun vulnerable to, and fate, as if deliberately torturing him, plunged him into even greater pain. 
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Love Liza quotes

  • Mary Ann Bankhead: What did she say?

    Wilson Joel: You wanna read it? Go ahead

    Mary Ann Bankhead: It doesn't have my name on it.

    Wilson Joel: Yea you're right. It doesn't.

    Mary Ann Bankhead: But if it did I would open it, because that's what she wants.

    Wilson Joel: Wanted. What she wanted.

    Mary Ann Bankhead: And you refuse to honor that.

    Wilson Joel: Is there something you wanna know?

    Mary Ann Bankhead: No, I think there is something you don't wanta know.

    Wilson Joel: I don't. I don't, I loved well. I did. I did, I loved well I don't want a letter. I don't want a fucking letter!

    Mary Ann Bankhead: She left reasons Wil.

    Wilson Joel: It's my name!

  • Wilson Joel: 2 on 1 gas.

    Gas Station: Somebody over at Arlington hobby said they never heard of a plane that runs on gasoline.

    Wilson Joel: Well mine does.

    Gas Station: He said it was impossible because

    Wilson Joel: I own a plane and it runs on gas and I wanna fly the thing right fucking now!

    Gas Station: You don't have to yell.

    Wilson Joel: Well, I just want to buy 2 dollars worth of fucking gas! 2 on 1... 2 on 1.

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