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2022-07-12 20:08
During the 10 years that Friedrich has been a writer and director, friends have repeatedly suggested that he create and shoot a comedy because his first two works were too dark. Inspired by the work of Woody Allen and David Russell, Friedrich finally started writing, and it took four or five years at a time.
This is how Friedrich describes his film: "For me, it's a film about trust, if you're being honest in every moment of your life, then you should trust what you do. Everything. Plus, the film is showing the audience how men are like clowns, they think completely different from women, women always have to be patient, and men do the wrong thing. Power, control, and position between men and women is always hidden It's teasing, and that's what makes the film interesting."
Although the film's budget was limited, and many people advised Friedrich to shoot in Canada, Friedrich insisted on shooting in New York, because in his opinion, the city of New York had become an indispensable part of the film. character, and the address chosen when the film was filmed was near Freundrich's residence, and the familiar location made him more comfortable.
In the film, only the cabin scene was shot in the studio, and the rest were shot on location. In addition to the Townhouse in the Upper West Side of New York , there were also Marc Jacobs clothing store in SoHO and the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts . In addition, although the exterior scenes of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts were shot live, the interior scenes were shot in a university theater, and the entire scene lasted three days with more than 300 extras.
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