Trust the Man movie plot

2022-07-12 18:24
Derailment of marriage and love is an eternal theme, and the four protagonists in this film are no exception. Tom ( David William Duchovny ) and Rebecca ( Julianne Moore ) are a well-to-do couple, Tom (a successful advertising man who is now unemployed and a homemaker) and Rebecca (Julianne Moore), a woman with a reputation. actor. Tom and Rebecca have two children and seem to be enjoying themselves, but Tom, who is passionate about sex, is not satisfied with his wife Rebecca, and even marriage counselors are powerless. Let's talk about Rebecca's rambunctious younger brother Toby. As a freelance sports reporter, he has been in love with his sister's friend Elaine (McGee Gyllenhaal) for 8 years, but has no intention of getting married and starting a family. Elaine, who works in the publishing house, has the greatest wish to get married and have children.
Since there is a crisis, there will always be people who take advantage of it. Tom meets Pamela, the mother of his son's classmate, and an extramarital affair is unavoidable, while Toby reconnects with his former school lover Faith ( Eva Mendes ). Rebecca and Elaine face the same burning question: Should men be trusted? 
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Trust the Man quotes

  • Tobey's Psychiatrist: Have a little trust, Tobey. The world is not against you.

  • Waiter: These are from the young man in the corner. He wanted you to know that you are like... awesome.

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