How Much Do You Love Me? evaluation action

2022-07-12 16:14
The original French name of "How Much Do You Love Me?" means "how much do you earn" in French. It uses money as a tool to measure love and is full of humor and ridicule. In the film, Monica Anna Maria Bellucci, The starring of Gérard Depardieu also adds to the attraction of the film   .
The soundtrack of the film is very good, it can be said that the plot of the film is inherited by the music like running water. There is a certain contrast between the soundtrack and the plot, forming a special comedy effect. The film explores modern society and people through the relationship between the sexes. The impoverished clerk won the jackpot, and his first thought was to solve the problem of the lower body. The prostitute took a fancy to his money, but in the end the prostitute could not know whether it was because of the money or whether she really fell in love with this little man. In this film, the director did not clarify all these problems, but listed the problems through a comic-style plot   .
The film tells a story about lies and true love. Director Bertrand Blier chose to use lust as the touchstone for both, but Monica Anna Maria Bellucci's bold performance in the film always makes the audience distracted   .
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