Quote: Life is in balance

Aron 2022-10-04 19:42:58

Let us enjoy the spring of flowers, the summer of sea, the autumn of evening, and the winter of snow.

To me, its meaning is how could such a beautiful planet be born out of chaos, violence and impact, but when I see that miraculous blue barrier again, I will sincerely admire it, Because this is the delicate balance between survival, prosperity and destruction.

The storm is not our enemy, and without it we would not be. Because of the storm, there is life. When the storm passes, the sky is beautiful and the sky is clear with rainbows.

Sometimes the movement of the glacier is extremely fast, and many tons of nutrients for diatoms fall into the sea together. With a bang, a feast kicked off. The number of diatoms surged in the carnival, but after a while, the carnival came to an abrupt end. Just like at the beginning, suddenly, the glaciers braked one after another and remained silent, sometimes even standing still for decades, as if the prosperity had come to an end, and it was indifferent and peaceful.

When these nutrients are devoured and exhausted, the diatom blooms will fade, and most diatoms will die at this time. When the shells of these diatoms fall on the seabed, they will form a blanket 800 meters thick, and they look like snowflakes, so we call this phenomenon "sea snow".

But unlike snowflakes, they never melt, and after a few million years the seabed rises, the sea level falls, and the seabed becomes a salty desert. The dust of this desert will be blown into the Amazon Basin, which was once a seabed. What is the dust that promotes the growth of rain forests? He is the shell of the diatom. This is an extremely wonderful connection between all things. Every object on one end of the earth is in some form connected with other objects on the other end. It is because of the close cooperation of these natural systems that we can breathe easily, which is an astounding discovery.

Life is like walking on a tightrope, there are abyss on both sides, and one slip can lead to eternal hatred. All life in the world exists in a delicate balance.

Life is about balance.

All things buffer each other in some way, keeping the atmosphere in a steady state all the time.

Everything in the world is tied to an arrow, and no one can be alone. All things on earth are related to each other. We strive to find balance, and we hope to find peace, stability and eternity like the Earth.

16 times a minute, 23,000 times a day, every breath and every breath depends on the precious oxygen that we rely on for survival. Oxygen is also inseparable from the support of the earth, water, breeze and fire. The earth has truly achieved the unity of man and nature, and only then has that layer of miraculous blue barrier been created. It was the hallmark of a living world, unique in the vast universe.

Everything is in order and everything is a miracle.

Some magical combination gave birth to the first life.

When we were young, she was already thinking about the grand origin of life.

What a person likes, roughly the same, if you like it, you will die.

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