A movie worth reflecting on

Amy 2022-09-02 14:53:51

It’s been half a month since I was at home on vacation, and I haven’t watched much movies. I occasionally found this movie tonight and watched it directly. After watching the 133-minute movie, I couldn’t calm down for a long time. The movie shocked me more than that. Special effects, and more importantly, what I'm going to talk about next.
He made a wrong decision in the midst of jumping off the train and escaped on the water-filled railway. Thousands of volts of voltage will determine the fate of most people. In the process of escaping life and death, you can see the grief of losing a loved one, and also It can be seen that the thief and the indifference of human nature who still do not forget to grope for finances on the victims, the hero at this time met him on this occasion - his wife's lover, but after surviving the disaster, no matter how much hatred, survived The most important thing is that at this time, the calmness and embrace of the hero's greatest father shows the audience that he is not a coward. Some lucky people who escaped the palm of death have experienced crowding and trampling after finally escaping to the platform. Horror scene, and another train that was also trapped in this tunnel returned to the platform safely under the calm and calm operation of the old conductor. I have to say that these people were lucky. After being rescued, the film also went to the end. When the wife tried to hold the male protagonist's hand, she was thrown away twice, but the family still took the ambulance and left. At the end of the film, the ambulance rubbed shoulders with Mercedes-Benz, the No. 2 local tyrant. But when they stopped, I didn't expect that it was my daughter who was calling for that cute puppy--Jiafu. The story ends here, leaving the audience too much to think about.
After watching the whole film, what impressed me the most was what the female athlete said: "If it hadn't been withdrawn from the team in 1993, it might have been the German champion." Although the film did not explicitly point it out, anyone who knows it will know the sadness in her heart, and the day that made all Russians heartache is August 19, 1992 - the day when the Soviet Union disappeared. This is also the concern of many old Russians. This film objectively reflects that although the Soviet Union disintegrated, the old Soviet people's nostalgia for the Soviet era is inseparable. At the same time, the biggest highlight of the film is that the old maintenance worker and the old athlete said in unison the "Putin card" when he bought wine.
The whole film has no banter, no tedious impurities, compact storyline, detailed records of the moment of disaster, and slightly flawed CG technology (in fact, the scene is very shocking, comparable to HOLLYWOOD) is to tell the audience that in the modernization Accidents will come at any time in the steel jungle. When disaster strikes, how can we protect ourselves, how to save ourselves, it is also a wake-up call to the relevant departments of life. Disasters cannot happen for no reason, they are all caused by a series of mistakes and factors. Accumulated, perhaps a little more conscientiousness in work, and a stronger sense of responsibility, then it will save thousands of fresh lives!

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