Metro evaluation action

2022-07-17 17:37
Each character in the film has been given more real human colors, with shortcomings and compassion. The severe subway disaster caused by a subway tunnel flooding incident prompted different characters to think in the disaster, thus Show the true side of human nature. Many spectators who walked into the movie theater expressed a kind of value-for-money gain after the show, "After watching "Metro; Metpo; Метро", I felt quite surprised, it was fresh and at the same time retained the level of a blockbuster." There must be two things that go hand-in-hand with the disaster itself in disaster movies: the government lends a hand, and the media gets in the way. Russia is a happy nation, and their "self-rescue" plan has made a lot of them. The male audience who walked out of the cinema said-"The laughter is too unexpected".  
The male protagonist is a divorced father. When he was trapped in the subway, he was surrounded by his daughter and his ex-wife's lover. This kind of character setting is full of drama. Similar character relationships are also shown in "2012", which is also a disaster film. , but in a more life-like environment, the audience can feel the crisis of life and the tension of destiny better. As the escape action progresses, the relationship between the male protagonist and his daughter and rival in love is constantly changing, and new sparks erupt between him and his wife. This change of emotional context relieves the audience's tense movie-watching nerves, and also makes the movie more human in the catastrophe.  
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