It is better to print money than to steal money. The third season of the god-level brain-burning western drama "The House of Paper" is back!

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Sherlock Holmes said, "There is no truly perfect crime in the world."

But NETFLIX 's most-watched " non -English series" of all time , La casa de papel, is a story of perfect crime.

Yes, it is only one word different from the American drama "House of Cards", but it is no less exciting than "House of Cards", and every step of the plot is very anti-routine .

The first season aired in 2017, and the second season aired the following year, with a total of 22 episodes. The mini-series, which was originally just broadcast on the Spanish channel Antena 3, was bought by Netflix and the international copyright was bought, so it was re-edited and made into the current version.

The story follows a professor who enlists eight criminals with nothing to plan an earth-shattering perfect heist.

Ordinary robbers rob banks, jewelry stores, and "paper money", but this group of robbers robbed "houses" - The Royal Mint of Spain.

The professor is suave and polite in appearance, but is at the heart of the robbery.

He has been preparing this plan since 20 years ago. He has no criminal record. He has eliminated his fingerprints in various places. His ID card has not been updated since he was 19 years old. .

He found the eight criminals and gave them five months of assault training to fully prepare them for the upcoming mission. They do not know each other, only the city name code.

Miss Tokyo is grumpy and full of action. She just lost her boyfriend during a robbery, and was "rescued" by a professor on the way to her mother's house.

Mr. Berlin , the thief involved in 27 robberies, once stole 434 diamonds on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. He controls all the killing.

Mr. Moscow, who originally mined ore in Asturias and later opened his own shop, is very familiar with a series of industrial tools such as thermal spray guns.

Mr. Denver, the son of Moscow, has a very magical laughter. He doesn't fall for drugs and fights, just like a time bomb in a perfect plan.

Mr. Rui Ao is the technical person in the team. He is proficient in computers. He started programming at the age of six and knows the alarm clock and electronic devices like the back of his hand.

Mr. Helsinki and Mr. Oslo are twins who are the force of the team.

Miss Nairobi , a complete optimist, started counterfeiting banknotes at the age of 13, and was in charge of quality inspection in the team.

In the training, they already knew how to enter the field, control the hostages, delay time, confuse the police, and the only rule set by the professor is - not to kill. Because in order to gain public opinion, we must make ourselves vulnerable and let the people stand on the side of the robbers.

So, at 8:35 a.m. on a certain Friday, they put on the mask of the Spanish surrealist painter Dali and started this grand "performance art" in red clothes.

I have to say that the professor is really smart. When the robbers were robbing the money printing factory, the professor was in control of the situation from thousands of miles away, and he even thought about how to prevent the insiders from being persuaded to surrender.

The robbers in the banknote printing factory committed crimes quickly and ruthlessly. They took 67 hostages at once, and one of them was the daughter of the British ambassador. Of course, taking this hostage was also in the professor's plan, in order to let the police Do not dare to force a breakthrough.

Open the vault door, and the banknotes are lying there quietly, waiting for them. Do you think it's over if you take the money?

Do not! They don't plan to go at all.

He even deliberately waited for the police to come and fight, creating the illusion that he was trapped, but the real purpose was to delay time!

This is a money printing factory! 8 million euros are printed every hour, the longer they stay here the more money they get, really time is money!

It can be said to the public opinion, how can we call the money that we print by our own ability to be called robbery? And these newly printed banknotes, without even a traceable mark, are flawless genuine banknotes.

They have a plan at every step, and the scene they most want to see at this time is a deadlock with the police.

Of course, even if a professor is predictable, surprises can happen, and plans often don't keep up with changes.

In order to deal with the police to get more information, he approached the female police officer in charge of the case, but he did not expect to fall in love with her. The robbers in the banknote printing factory are also dissatisfied with each other for various reasons, and have internal differences, and the hostages are also just around the corner...

Robbers, hostages and police make up this drama and story full of dramatic contradictions.

The plot progresses very fast and the rhythm is tight. The police found clues again and again, but they were almost resolved by the "professor". This is a long and thrilling psychological war, public opinion war and gun battle, which is exciting and exciting all the time.

The final outcome is not bad, after all, the professor not only robbed the country's money, but also robbed the country's people.

The third season of "House of Paper" is set to return on July 19 and is co-produced by Atresmedia, Vancouver Media and NETFLIX .

The story of the first two seasons has come to an end, and the third season will tell a brand new story.

They were enjoying their lives after successfully escaping, but suddenly one day, Miss Tokyo's boyfriend Rui Ao was arrested. In order to save him, she found a professor. The professor summoned those former buddies (the female police officer who turned against the water last time also joined the team).

And some new faces, Hovik Keuchkerian as Bogotá, Najwa Nimri as Alicia, Rodrigo de la Serna as an engineer, and Fernando Cayo as Tamayo are ready to make another big fuss... .

Netflix's suspense, thriller, crime drama "The House of Paper" Season 3 Official Trailer in Chinese_Tencent Video

Friends will see in the trailer that Mr. Berlin, who received a box lunch to protect his teammates last season, actually showed up. Did he not die at all, or did he just appear in flashbacks?

Can the third season of "House of Paper" maintain the same level as the first two seasons? What kind of emotional entanglement will arise between the robber, the professor, the police and the hostage? It is very exciting to see how the next episode will develop.

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