There are too many stupid places I will list, the IQ of the professor dropped from Einstein to Denver

Bobbie 2022-09-19 17:58:31

First, what role did the Alcatraz project play? Like the purpose of the design, has it been achieved? No! With such a big killer move, you don't need to split your troops into two lines to win the final battle, stupid!

Second, if you sprinkle some gold grains out on the street, you don’t have to do too much, the onlookers and the police will go crazy, and the police center will also think that they have to flee and strengthen the security of the whole district. If you call on the masses to stand desperately in front of the building to be human shields, 10,000 euros a day, surely countless people at the bottom of the lunatic society are willing to do it from feelings to interests. If you pay people outside to settle the bill every day, the more people will gather, there will be no need to spend 100 million euros to throw money, and the efficiency will be higher and the effect will be better.

Third, the professor does not know that he will be positioned? It's better to change places 1,000 kilometers away in a private jet every 12 hours for 2 hours. The police couldn't find it. So rich, but not to upgrade equipment. Stupid enough to climb trees.

Fourth, Rachel claims to know the police better, but doesn't she know the reputation of the new woman? They are all top-level leaders, and they are all the negotiators of the police force for 20 years. Who doesn't know who's style? You must think of the weaknesses of Nairobi children. You have used Rio's parents to turn against you, haven't you? Don't you find the child and hide yourself first? madness.

Fifth, the factory manager came in again and let him in? He was responsible for all the terrible things in the first season. He almost killed everyone when he beat out a group of people. Still don't know that all the brainy people and the police force and beautiful women are not suitable for hostages, why don't you send them out first?

Sixth, why are there only four people in the team that was hypnotized by halothane for the first time? Why not forty or four hundred? Wouldn't that end the fight sooner? The police department is so stupid to be so unbelievable? How many people did Putin get into the gym?

Seventh, tie the hostages into a row, unable to move or turn around, without body armor, and carry real guns to the outside world. The robbers sniper and shoot from behind. Who dares to attack the front door? Who dares to shoot the police?

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