Herzog, the paranoid movie lunatic

Jasen 2022-09-17 14:06:26

It's better than a boat on land. It recorded Herzog's process of making this film. He spent five years changing the lead, changing the venue, setting up camp in the Amazon forest, getting involved in the conflict between the primitive Indian tribes, and the crew being killed by primitive people. People shot and injured 300-ton cruise ship, dragged by ropes and pulled over mountains, etc. Pain and struggle

I especially liked one of the interviews. Kinski said he felt that nature in the primeval forest was full of love, but Herzog said he didn't see it. What he saw was vile, obscene, incest, suffocation and struggle to survive, growing and rotting, of course in the jungle. A lot of pain but we humans are not trees and birds are in pain They are not chirping but screaming in pain This is a cursed landscape this is some kind of harmony it is irresistible mass murder we have to be humble There is nothing in the universe Harmony we have to know that when I talk about this I am full of admiration for the jungle I love them very much but my love lacks rationality

At the end of the documentary, Herzog said that this is not only my dream, but also your dream. The only difference between you and me is that I can express it clearly. That is poetry, painting, literature, or movies. It's as simple as that. I make movies because it is My responsibility may also be our mental journey. We have to express ourselves clearly, otherwise we are no different from salted fish.

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  • Werner Herzog: It's not only my dreams, my belief is that all these dreams are... are yours as well... and the only distinction between me and you is that I can articulate them... and that is what poetry or painting or literature or film-making is all about, it's as simple as that... and I, I make films because I have not learned anything else and I know I can do it to a certain degree... and it is my duty because this might be the inner chronicle of what we are... and we have to articulate ourselves otherwise we would be cows in the field.

  • Narrator: The Amazon jungle is disappearing fast. Every month, 8,000 square miles are cut down. At the present rate, by the year 2010 the entire Amazon basin will be cleared.