Unusual family comedy Shen Qing

Lacey 2022-10-24 23:54:01

[The suffix Shen Qing is my name, don't misunderstand] I
just finished watching this movie on TV on demand in the morning. In fact, the reason for watching this movie is because it's interesting to see its poster. The label says it's also a comedy, but the more I see it, the more I think The more indeed, this should
not be a simple family comedy for anyone. He revealed to us many truths about family and also showed us the passion and persistence of a girl who is also the protagonist of this film, Emily. It should be a spoiler, and I don’t know if anyone will seriously read this large paragraph of what I wrote, but for me, this article is an explanation for the movie. I can’t generalize because my writing is not good
. What exactly is that passage that Li said, you should watch it yourself.
I cried twice when I watched this movie, not because there were too many tears, but I was easily moved. Of course, there are also many laughs in it.
Well, this movie is really worth it. Watch it for both children and adults so please watch it carefully

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