Family Weekend movie plot

2022-10-24 22:59
Emily, a high-spirited, hot-blooded 16-year-old, gets frustrated as she grows up. Her mom, Samantha (Kristen Kenoyne), a highly productive, career-focused woman, and her dad, Duncan ( Matthew Modine (played by Matthew Modine), is a happy artist, no one has time to guide his daughter, and no matter what her daughter does, her parents always disagree and do not support it, which makes Emily super upset and decides to kidnap her parents and teach them a lesson. The united brothers and sisters need to rectify the family order and make this family a "family" again. 
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Family Weekend quotes

  • Emily Smith-Dungy: Okay that's great, but where should you have been at 3:30?

    Duncan Dungy: You sound like your mother, consumed with time and a schedule. Do not tread that path, remember, it's what you do, not when you do it, it's the what that's important.

  • Emily Smith-Dungy: Some people are lucky enough to find their true passion. That's okay, because their passion makes them feel like something. Like somebody. Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps them moving...

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