Quantum of Solace movie plot

2021-10-18 09:27
Lost loved James Bond (), decided to turn grief into strength, to track down the truth, revenge for the Vespa. And his boss M () received information, track down a criminal organization was extortion Vespa and met the glamorous mystery woman Jia Meilian (), Bond then secretly investigate cold-blooded businessman and leader of a criminal organization Dominique ().
Dominic uses environmental protection organizations as a smokescreen. In fact, he controls a huge criminal group. He is plotting to launch a coup in Bolivia in South America. By assisting the exiled dictator Madrano to regain power, he exchanges for the country’s seemingly barren but world-owned The most important resource of the land; and Camelin, who has a different vengeance from Madrano, assists Bond in jointly launching a revenge plan. Bond traveled to Austria, Italy, and South America to investigate, and at the same time gradually got close to the man behind Vespa's death. Under the mystery full of betrayal, fraud and murder, Bond vowed to be one step ahead of the CIA, terrorists, and even M to smash Dominic’s conspiracy.
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Quantum of Solace quotes

  • M: Restrict Bond's movement. Cancel his cards. Put an alert on his passports. All of them.

  • Mathis: This man had me imprisoned and tortured and you want to serve him fine wine?

    Gemma: You only buy cheap wine. And since you were innocent, they bought you this villa. So really, you owe him, don't you?

    Mathis: Gemma, go work on your tan.

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