Everything is the best arrangement

Geovany 2022-11-17 09:55:16

In September 2019, I played the first-generation elite version, I was optimistic about the first-generation animation, and I immediately watched this sequel. Thanks to Tencent for introducing it, there is also a Mandarin version. Although it is worse than the Japanese original sound, it is still appropriate and touching. After reading it in one breath, although there is a little procrastination in the middle, but with the first generation as a foreshadowing, after the slow heat, it will make great progress in a day. After reading it, except for being moved, it is still a masterpiece. A lot of holes in the previous work have been filled in. The biggest difference in the picture is that the characters are dressed more, and they are more beautiful, sexy, and charming. I was really moved when I saw Phoenix Academy's fierce time jumping 3,000 times, overcoming all odds and coming back, and the magical laughter reappeared. The second is to see that in order to change being targeted by Russia, Amedus offered to go back to the past to delete his data, exactly the same as the previous work Kose Kurisu sacrificed himself to save Mayuri. The last touch came from the 2025 Kazuma who sent dmail to himself in 2010, and the video from Hashida to Suzuha in 2011, and then he went to BC18000 to find Suzuha and Mayuri who returned to a year ago in 2011. The Morning Bull and Weaver Girl finally came together again. In 2011, the small camp chose to stay behind to protect Mayuri Suzuha and go back to the past, which is also heart-warming. In short, it is a rare classic, but I also saw comments that it is much worse than the original game, many deletions are unreasonable, and the game has 4 endings. I can't help but think of the emotion of playing the first-generation ns elite version. Every ending is amazing. It seems that sooner or later the original game will be played again! Sack, I heard that in the 8th episode, when I returned to the Alpha Line, Muse kissed goodbye by forcibly sending dmail to make myself unable to keep up with the cancellation of Okabe's setting. This is an original animation plot... This episode is really touching and sadistic, It makes people like Muze more and more, and also successfully fills in the ending of the assistant of the previous generation.

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