Old movies also taste

Ulices 2022-10-22 15:43:10

"Crazy Noble" French drama, released in 1974, a long time. That old man, Louis De Funes, a French comedy master, knew him from "Escape from a Tiger's Mouth", with a unique humorous style. Spain, the story of Madrid, the last nobles were sold to the Sahara as slaves, pushing the water cart only for the slave owner's pot of flowers. Finally, the slave owner said: I have the most luxurious slave lineup in the Sahara. Braz, servant of the nobles, fell in love with the queen, and the queen fell in love with his false identity: Count Caesar. For the queen, Braz sacrificed too much, and in the end, the young and handsome Count Caesar, who was his true identity, got the queen, and he could not bridge the gap between the nobles and the commoners. In order to cover the queen's escape, Braz temporarily committed himself to the old woman. Between marrying the old woman and going to Berbera as a slave, Braz chose the latter. Tragically, the old woman chased the Sahara... The old woman is the queen The etiquette teacher! Usually serious, what is the difference between the nobles and the commoners, what is the incompatibility between men and women, when I hear Braz's mixed confession, don't I go crazy... Read (203) Comments (0) 2010-10 -09 23:33

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