Delusions of Grandeur evaluation action

2022-10-22 23:07
A supreme, captivating and good film must have all kinds of acting and technically superior directors and actors working together. This film is a wonderful comedy co-starred by the famous French comedy masters Louis de Fénes and Yves Montan. The two world-renowned masters once again exerted their extraordinary level, vividly showing the various contradictions between noble life and people in daily reality. After its release, the film was well received worldwide and is a rare and typical French comedy. The whole film is full of laughter, coupled with the wonderful performances of the two big stars, which makes people hilarious.
This film is funes's masterpiece after "Escape from the Tiger's Mouth". Its second leading actor is the French actor Yves Montan, and the director is the famous French comedy genius - Uri ("Escape from the Tiger's Mouth" was written by him, He made the little-known funes popular at the time. . Because funes is very good at portraying satirical characters who are greedy for money and snobbery, this film has a strong viewing value. And different from other comedies of the same theme, the film uses surreal creative techniques to a certain extent, which can be regarded as a surreal comedy. If you like Spanish court aristocratic culture, Renaissance architecture , medieval inquisition, various ceremonies, Flamenco Dance , knights. and funes performance style, you must not miss this very traditional and pure French classic comedy. 
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