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Helga 2022-10-23 18:33:25

Tonight, to be exact, I watched this film in a company eight hours ago. There
were not many people, because it was just a small event.
Most of the people who went to see it looked like an artist
. The director
also said a lot before watching it.
Unfortunately, my English is really poor. I can only watch the movie and understand the movie very well. After all, this is a legend that
cost more than 100 million to complete. In
, people who have never been in a foreign country may not be able to understand the film very well, because the director said that in fact, many details of the characters have been hinted at, whether it is hairstyle or clothing. It took the director a lot of time for this film with "ulterior motives"
. Since 1998, he had conceived it
as an underground movie, because he hoped that the cost would be small, and the result was that the snowball was getting bigger and bigger.

However, his essence In fact, it was an underground movie
that caused a stir when it was just released in Norway. . . I don't know what kind of sensation it was.]

Legend has it that this film has shadows from many countries
because many people participated, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Russia. . blah blah blah...

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