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This is a very good movie. Tim Roth plays a sixteen-year-old skinhead named Trevor in the movie. He is full of anger and hatred. He has good academic performance, but because of theft, assault Immigration and many other issues are sent to boarding centers at the beginning of the film. From social workers to the management of the boarding center, they all hoped that Trevor could turn his back on his wrongdoing and become a "good boy" who abides by the law. At the age of sixteen, he completely sent himself in.

When we talk about TV and movies, there is always some contempt and contempt. The situation in the UK is very different from that in my country. Many excellent film directors went to work in TV and movies in the 1970s and 1980s, producing many excellent films. The director of today's film, Alan Clark, is one of the masters. His film has influenced a group of film practitioners. Among them, the film "The Elephant", which won the Palme d'Or in Cannes, was directed by Gus Van Sant. A tribute to the posthumous work The Elephant. Director Clark's iconic Steadicam moving camera, for violence, anger, almost surgical calm and rationality, his works are full of social responsibility, and the core of the film that directly hits the core of human evil, all of which he left behind in film history Priceless fortune.

Despite the swastika tattooed on his head, you can still recognize at a glance that the main character is Tim Ross, and this film is also his debut, and the film plays the protagonist, a hostile juvenile delinquent full of hatred and contempt for everything. , Alan Clark's films are always filled with a large number of long shots, back heels, and traverses, which require the actors' rhythm in the performance process, and the emotions cannot be faulted. Tim Ross perfectly shows the performance with multiple layers , There are many one-shot scenes in the film, you can see his anger, ridicule, confusion and confusion about what is less or less, and many emotional changes so that the film does not drop for a second. It is not difficult to understand that later, whether it was Mr. Orange, who was shot in the abdomen in "Reservoir Dogs", or the pure childlike pianist who was with the ship in "The Pianist at Sea", he perfectly controlled the role and gave the role to him. different vitality.

Obedience to authority, respect for teachers, listening to parents, and obeying the law are things that society has taught us from childhood, and it is also one of the foundations of social stability. But Trevor in this film saw the meaninglessness and hypocrisy behind it. When the leader of the boarding center pointed out schools, parents, social workers, bureaus, courts, and boarding centers for him, the society had given him countless opportunities to go. On the right track, when he screwed up time and time again, Trevor would ask why he should believe this bullshit instead of destroying everything? When the administrator accused him of not being an "honest" person, he said those who compared the file to people who only demanded his obedience and never asked him if he wanted to. Anger is anger, hatred is hatred, he is far more sincere and real than these people. As for the black guy in the same room as Trevor in the boarding center, their short-term friendship, catharsis, and accurate capture of the confusion, emptiness, loneliness, and abandonment of the almost complete loss of domestic youth films, so that this film has not only serious social issues, but also There are many bright spots, although at the end of the film, Trevor sincerely ruins everything, whether it is the trust of social workers, the friendship of black guys, or his own "future" in the general population.

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  • Magistrate: You are a constant truant at school, a failure, it seems. You've been before the court on numerous occasions for non- attendance; you have been convicted of taking and driving away, shoplifting, violent behaviour, and in spite of your undertakings to the court, you have made no attempt to secure yourself a job. And now you've been accused of stealing once again, and you've attacked a member of the immigrant community, & caused damage to his property. It's a long, depressing list. Are you not ashamed of yourself?

    Trevor the Skinhead: No.

  • Job Centre Youth: Ere, what's this one say?

    Trevor the Skinhead: M/F, 9:30 - 5:30, young person for general warehouse duties, must be able to speak fluent Punjabi and Urdu.' You speak Urdu?

    Job Centre Youth: No.

    Trevor the Skinhead: Fucks your chances then, dunnit?