It is not because the law will govern, not because the right will be used.

Leif 2022-09-26 10:21:09

More and more I have this feeling that most of the law is absurd. Too unreliable. The law embodies class consciousness, and in the process of justice or law enforcement, class consciousness is always greater than civil rights.

There are people who only care about themselves and are unwilling to share the burden with the families of other victims. The shit sticker who thinks he can rely on the law to protect his rights,

The government has more freedom to practice Tai Chi and make itself invincible.

And what has been realized encourages officials who use the case to seek positions.

And these will never change.

In the end, you will find that those who are sacrificed are the most valuable for seeing the world clearly.

The people who truly have a view of right and wrong and officials with professional ethics are truly worthy of respect.

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