Episode 2

Edwardo 2022-09-22 02:54:30

As time goes on, the chances of the missing person surviving become less and less likely. This episode has a little more urgency than the last.

Through monitoring and psychological warfare, the police have locked the suspect, taxi driver Christopher Halliwell.

The suspect was arrested on March 24, 2011.

In order to find the missing person quickly, Sergeant Steve Fulcher chose to question the suspect in Uffington, Oxfordshire. The episode stops here, and the audience wants to know if Halliwell said or not, what he said.

So I owe a lot to check the real case in Wikipedia.

Say it, say it all. Two bodies were found that afternoon.

But because it violated the standard of interrogation procedure, the confession obtained in the wild cannot be used for prosecution.

In May 2014, Fulcher resigned.

The rest are out of the question.

Becky's mum commented: "If Fulcher followed the procedure, the body would probably never have been found.

The focus of this show is not how to solve the case, nor does it care about the tragic childhood consequences of the suspect.

It's the system that cares. And the people represented by Fulcher who work in this system.

The role of the suicidal sheriff Ray is probably to remind the investigators that the suspect may also commit suicide; through Ray, he may have also raised questions about the system.

See follow up.

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