He is out of time - to my favorite Doctor (Christmas Invasion)

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Baidu Doctor Who synchronously posted that he was out of time - wrote to his favorite Doctor

S2E00-Christmas Invation

once heard this sentence: "You look at his elegance, you will become more and more like him."

And in this episode , in the Doctor's absence, she tries to defend the Earth in the face of a strange race. Following the Doctor, she was immersed in her eyes and ears, and she also learned how the Doctor should come forward, because the current situation is - "Who is it for me" - someone has to be the Doctor.

I like Rose, she always has the courage to face the problem without fear.

At the end of the episode, the Doctor and Harriet Jones have a disagreement. The Doctor's position is actually fair. Sycorax has agreed to leave Earth and never come back. This is an unconditional surrender. And Harriet attacked their unsuspecting ship, killing them, which was indeed the same as murder.

I think she did this out of human fear of the unknown, and from her point of view, although doing so is cruel and rude, she represents the interests of her constituents, so her responsibility is to protect Humans, and Doctor can't guarantee to be here every time there is a crisis on Earth, so humans still have to learn to protect themselves, if it were me, I might make the same choice, so I don't hate Harriet because of it.

This passage is about the Doctor defeating Harriet's government in six words, and rumors are sometimes more powerful than any weapon. The description of the power of the voice in Doctor Who has appeared several times so far.

The influence of rumors and rumors is actually greater than our imagination. The so-called three people become tigers and everyone speaks loudly. Some rumors can make people hard to argue, jumping into the Yellow River (or the Rhine River? Considering the geographical location? ) is also not washable.

Most people are stupid and don't bother to verify anything. When they hear some rumors, they tend to hold a half-believing attitude. In this attitude, there is half of the belief. People always think that this statement is not groundless, but has traces to follow. , so I would rather believe it, and maybe act as a rumor spreader after dinner.

Rumors stop at the wise. However, there are too few wise people in the world, and they have to be looked at by everyone when they say different opinions. Therefore, most of the "wise people" who can distinguish facts from rumors choose to remain silent. Therefore, a wise voice appears. increasingly less. There are a lot of maxims that persuade people to keep silent, and people believe that the wisest course of action is to keep silent, and this is especially true of China's "wise men" - most intellectuals, and I think the choice of silence reflects the cowardice in these people's bones. Thinking about the Cultural Revolution a few decades ago, they kept silent because they were afraid that their own interests might be damaged, and let wrong and vicious remarks fly. People who are more disgusting should be more responsible for the sickness of society.

Telling the truth, expressing doubts, and drawing a sword in the face of injustice require a lot of courage, and they are all acts of bravery.

In Song for Ten, a song written for a freshman doctor, he sings: "I wish today was just like every other day/Coz today has been the best day/Every thing I've ever dreamed..." The background sound here is really suitable However.

Doctor's life is full of exploration, danger, excitement, sadness, anger, ecstasy, but he doesn't have the opportunity to live the ordinary life of sitting at a table with his family, laughing and celebrating holidays. Warmth, happiness, these are words that are incompatible with Doctor. It was Rose who gave him company, gave him the opportunity to experience family life again, and made him wrapped in a joyful, even almost happy atmosphere at this moment. After that, I have never seen such a relaxed and warm Doctor.

Listening to this song and watching the Doctor celebrate Christmas with the Rose family at the dinner table makes me feel heartbroken. I really hope that these days can be longer and longer, and these warmth and happiness will not end too soon.

I don't really agree with Rose's dominance over Mickey and always being so close to the Doctor. I always feel that this girl is very indifferent to love, which sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable (perhaps because of cultural differences?). But I know and understand why she will never leave Doctor for Mickey.

Mickey always wanted her to stay, but how could she stay? The outside world is dangerous, but wonderful. "It's just so much out there. So much to see. I've got to."

Rose was destined to continue her journey, traveling with the Doctor to distant planets and distant time and space.

I like to watch Doctor and companion holding hands~

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