Across time and space, souls meet

Larissa 2022-07-04 21:39:09

The most unexpected one I watched today: "The Portrait of Jenny", I heard that Cotten and Jennifer are the golden partner. I just finished watching two Hitchcock movies, and my head was a little stunned. I just wanted to watch a simple romance movie. I didn't expect this to be a romantic and strange literary and philosophical fantasy love movie! ! ! I just asked if there was a second film in that period (1948)! ! ! A philosophical narration at the beginning, the lines in the middle that I don’t understand, the heroine’s fantastic appearance, like the island drama of a horror film (green filter [allow sad]), the ending is even more fantastic, and I shouted no less than ten times during the viewing process: what! ? With Jennifer, who is growing up every time she plays, Cotten's inspiration is more and more inspired. Every time she gets along with Cotten, there is no loneliness in her eyes, and her sad eyes become brighter, and two lonely souls meet. She always rejected the painting of Land End Light, as if she had the ability to predict and feel the fear of death in advance. Cotten also realized that the two could cross the barriers of time and space, and met the heroine who was about to be swallowed up by the sea many years ago. Even if Jennifer's fate has not been rewritten, she has traces of him in her life and is satisfied. Some people think that it is the heroine imagined by the male protagonist, but I prefer the parallel world to be activated, spanning time and space. Similar to films like "Butterfly Effect" and "Source Code", if this is the case, I don't know how many years this film has advanced.

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Portrait of Jennie quotes

  • Jennie Appleton: [to Eben] The strands of our lives are woven together.The world nor time can part us.

  • Eben Adams: [to Jennie] Night's over; it's tomorrow.