Portrait of Jennie movie plot

2022-07-04 09:29
In those depressing New York times, Eben Adamswas a struggling artist who made a living just by painting. On the road one winter evening, the painter meets a little girl named Jennifer. The painter sketched her. Unexpectedly, the owner of the painting shop took a fancy to this sketch and bought it, encouraging him to paint again. He saw Jenny again and again after that. Each time she has grown a lot. By the time the artist painted a portrait of her, she was already a big girl.
The orphan Jenny and the painter gradually have a relationship, but then bid him farewell. The painter realizes the truth of her identity and finally learns that she died in the hurricane and tsunami many years ago. Before that day the painter came to the lighthouse where she was killed. They hugged each other in the storm, but could not resist the fate of death. The painter could not save anyone, and he himself fainted. He was rescued and woke up in bed, suspecting that it was all just a dream, but the owner of the painting shop picked up Jenny's scarf from the sea. 
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Portrait of Jennie quotes

  • Jennie Appleton: Eben... I want always just to sit and watch you paint.

    Eben Adams: Now that I've found the perfect model, I'll paint her again and again.

    Jennie Appleton: No, I - - I didn't mean that... I mean I want you to paint all the beautiful things in the world.

    Eben Adams: [smiles, holds her tight] You're the most beautiful thing in the world.

  • Miss Spinney: Don't be soft, Matthews. I'm an old maid, and nobody knows more about love than an old maid.

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