A time and space interlaced book and shadow memory

Clotilde 2022-07-04 19:51:21

In May 2007, I read a short science fiction novel "Portrait of Shi Ni" lying on the table in high school and I will never forget it for a long time. In February 2011, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" brought the content of the novel to the fore. In February 2022, the 1949 fantasy film "Portrait of Jenny" made me realize that it was probably the inspiration for that science fiction novel. In 1920, Modigliani died in a car accident on the eve of his marriage to Jeanne. This experience of understanding is a bit of a time and space disorder, which corresponds to the elements of the story. Take a closer look at the heroine in the 49-year-old film, she really resembles Modigliani's Jenny - a kind of eternal ♾ melancholy beauty

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Portrait of Jennie quotes

  • Jennie Appleton: How beautiful the world is Eben! The sun goes down in in the same lovely sky. Just as it did yesterday, and will tomorrow.

    Eben Adams: When is tomorrow, Jenny?

    Jennie Appleton: Does it matter? It's always. This was tomorrow once.

  • Jennie Appleton: Eben... I want always just to sit and watch you paint.

    Eben Adams: Now that I've found the perfect model, I'll paint her again and again.

    Jennie Appleton: No, I - - I didn't mean that... I mean I want you to paint all the beautiful things in the world.

    Eben Adams: [smiles, holds her tight] You're the most beautiful thing in the world.