Personally think that the only inference that can explain all the doubts and bugs

Osvaldo 2022-03-22 09:01:34

I have to admit that I am a serious science student, especially when watching movies that are not obvious sci-fi, I always want to give a reasonable explanation to the various plots in the play. bug, I personally thought of some more reasonable explanations, maybe people who also have obsessive-compulsive disorder like me will be more comfortable after reading:

1. Why can the platform float out of thin air?

First, let's say the prison has 333 floors (actually, I'm not sure about this, I'll talk about it later), each floor is 6 meters high, that's 1998 meters, plus the acceleration below the bottom floor and above the first floor The deceleration buffer zone should be more than 2,000 meters. For such a high building, whether it is built underground or above ground, it is a very large and difficult project. It is also necessary to consider issues such as power transmission and water pressure. Since the world in the movie can To build such a building, then I believe that it should not be difficult to make a slate levitate up and down, whether it is magnetic levitation or anti-gravity. Too much entanglement, science fiction movies, naturally there must be some science fiction settings.

2. Was it the little girl or the milk jelly that was delivered at the end?

I'm more inclined to deliver the jelly at the end, the little girl is just a fantasy after the hero's death. The basis is also the plot of the head chef chasing the hair on the milk jelly in the middle of the movie, because if this milk jelly is not his milk jelly, then the meaning of this plot is just to emphasize the chef's strict requirements for food? But the movie has shown this from the beginning and in many aspects of the plot. At this time, adding such a plot is just to emphasize it again? Obviously, this seems redundant and boring, and it does not conform to the overall depth of the film. Therefore, this paragraph is likely to express some other information, that is, according to many people, this milk jelly is the last message to be sent. freeze.

but! About how this custard was delivered? I have another idea. It was indeed sent up, but not by the platform. This can also be explained. Many people compared the screenshots and found that the positions of the chocolates or fruits on the two jelly were not exactly the same. It is concluded that the two milk jelly is not the same milk jelly, and supports the conclusion that the little girl was finally sent, which will be elaborated later.

3. Why don't the "fortunate" people who are assigned to the last floor sit directly on the platform?

First of all, it is certain that no matter which floor you are assigned to, as long as it is not the last floor, it is very dangerous to sit on the platform when it comes down, all the way down to the bottom and then go up again, because there are many dangers on the way. It may be eaten by people on the lower floor, but people who are "fortunate" to be assigned to the last floor need not have this concern, because there is no one below, and when the platform comes down, you can sit on it with confidence, and the platform descends to the buffer. It is theoretically feasible for the bottom of the zone to rise again.

Here are a few more details:

Is there a buffer below the last layer and above the first layer? I think there is. Although I think sending the little girl up is a fantasy of the male protagonist after his death, there should be a space under the last floor, but it may not be as dark as the film. It can be seen from the video that it takes about 0.1 second (rough estimate) for the platform to pass through the distance of 6 meters between each floor when it ascends, and the speed is 60 m/s. It is assumed that the platform passes through each floor at this speed, including the last The same is true for the first floor and the first floor (this possibility is relatively large, otherwise the people on the bottom layer and the people on the first floor can sit directly on the platform when it slowly rises), then the platform naturally needs a period of time. The buffer distance accelerates from 0 speed to 60 m/s. Similarly, if the platform needs to be at this speed when passing through the first layer, then a buffer zone above the first layer is naturally required to reduce the speed to 0. speed.

Speaking of which, I have to mention an unreasonable point. When the black people are assigned to the sixth floor, they want to climb out. It is reasonable to say that at this time, the distance from the first floor is only about 30 meters. Just stick your head out and go up. Look, you should be able to find that there is actually a long distance up from the first floor. At most, you can climb to the first floor, and it is impossible to go up. Otherwise, if it is so simple, the people on the first floor will not be able to. Can you just climb out? However, this may also be a kind of short-sightedness that the movie wants to satirize people. When I was on the sixth floor, I only knew how to look at the fifth floor, but I never thought about looking at the higher floors. It is a metaphor for the limitations of the eyes of the people at the lower level. There is no direct Consciousness looking towards the top and so on, maybe so.

Others have suggested that the platform is rising so fast, how can people stand on it? And after the first floor starts to slow down, will people be thrown upwards and hit the ceiling? In fact, both of these two points can be reasonably assumed. First of all, we have to make it clear that no matter how fast the platform rises, as long as it moves at a uniform speed, there will be no pressure on the person sitting on it, that is to say As long as we survive the initial acceleration stage, it is like taking a high-speed rail (the maximum speed of a high-speed rail can be faster than 60 m/s), but when the train starts to accelerate, we will feel pressure, when the train is relatively stable and even before the speed If you want to accelerate to 60m/s, if you accelerate with the acceleration of gravity g=9.8m/s2, you can roughly calculate 10, it only takes 6 seconds, and the required buffer distance is 180 meters, It is also more reasonable. The buildings with more than 300 floors and 2000 meters have been built. It is definitely not bad for the buffer distance of 200 meters. Then the person sitting on it only needs to survive the acceleration process of 6 seconds. This is comparable to sitting on a rocket. Ascending astronauts have to bear much less pressure. Similarly, will people be thrown up and hit the ceiling after decelerating to the first floor? As long as the platform decelerates at an acceleration less than or equal to the acceleration of gravity of 9.8m/s2, people will continue to stick to the platform and will not be thrown up (this should be understood by those who have studied physics in junior high school). Of course, some people will say that if the acceleration of the platform is much greater than the acceleration of gravity, people will not be able to bear it or will be thrown up, so I say, this is just a reasonable assumption, as for the acceleration of the platform, it is not given in the movie. The useful information is unknown, but as a person at the lowest level, rather than starve to death, it is naturally better to let it go.

So having said so much, regarding the third question, since it is theoretically possible to try it on the platform, why haven't the lowest-level people tried it? There are also two possibilities for this:

The first possibility is that no one has tried it, but everyone who tried it has died. As mentioned above, maybe the acceleration of the platform is much greater than the acceleration of gravity, and the person sitting on it cannot withstand the acceleration process, or is thrown to the ground when decelerating. It hit the ceiling and was killed; but I prefer the second possibility, which is also related to what I said above, why I think the milk jelly is not sent by the platform.

The second possibility is that even if the acceleration of the platform is reasonable, no one can go up through this method. It should be noted that the theoretical feasibility of sitting on the platform that I have analyzed above is only for people, not for objects. Why do you say that? First of all, with regard to the second question, if we agree that the milk jelly was indeed sent to the cook, then we need to think about two more questions. If the milk jelly rises with the platform, the first is to accelerate and decelerate on the platform. During the process, why did the soft milk jelly not deform? The milk jelly in the cook's hand is obviously intact, and it can be seen from the screenshots that the fruit or chocolate placed on the milk jelly held by the male protagonist is slightly different from the milk jelly held by the cook; second, why do I Said that the theoretical feasibility of sitting on the platform is only for people? Because during the rapid ascent of the platform, even if the platform is assumed to be an absolute plane without any inclination, the center of gravity of the objects on the platform may not necessarily be absolutely centered, especially in the process of acceleration, the slight center of gravity shift will also As a result, the object gradually moves to the edge of the platform with the force until it moves beyond the edge, and is cut and smashed when the platform rises and meets each layer, but since this is the case, why are there many scenes in the movie where the platform rises. What happens when the shards of the plate collapse? It is also easy to understand that the male protagonist has been on a relatively high floor several times. Even if there are more than 100 layers below the 202nd floor, the fragments that should collapse must have collapsed long ago, so when the male protagonist is on the floor, the platform should be It's empty, but I prefer another possibility, don't worry, I'll talk about it later; while people are different, people can find ways to fix themselves on the platform, such as sticking a knife or sharp object in the platform. on the platform or other means to prevent himself from being thrown to the edge of the platform (this also confirms that the little girl was lifted up in a peaceful sleep, and the plates around her were not moving, which is unreasonable, so it further proves all that It's all hallucinations after the protagonist's death), but if that's the case, why do I say that no one can go up through this method?

Having said so much, here comes the point! ! ! This is a possibility based on the milk jelly, and other information as a supplement; why did the milk jelly in the cook's hand not deform, and the position of the accessories on it changed? Because the jelly doesn't rise with the platform at all. As I said just now, when the platform is rising, the plates placed on it will be cut and crumbled everywhere when they meet the layers. First, it will hurt people. , and secondly, it will cause damage to the platform and floor over a long period of time. In this case, every time the platform descends to the bottom of the buffer zone, there will definitely be corresponding staff to clean the platform, whether the body or the plate. , clean it all up, and then let the empty platform rise. This is easy to understand. In any restaurant, there will be both service staff who serve the food and cleaning staff who clean up the table. If there is a cook who is responsible for serving the dishes, then there will naturally be a "cleaner" who is responsible for cleaning up at the bottom, so that all questions can be explained.

As mentioned above, the little girl is the fantasy of the male protagonist. At that time, the male protagonist and the black man were already dead, so I said in the first question that the total number of floors is 333 is actually uncertain, because the male protagonist met on the 333rd floor. The little girl is a fantasy after death, so it’s hard to say how many layers the platform has, so when the platform finally descends to the bottom of the buffer zone, the cleaning staff will find that there are the bodies of the male protagonist and the black man on it. , the broken plate, and the protected jelly, it is normal to have a corpse and a broken plate. The staff should all take it for granted, but there is an intact jelly? This is very strange! That kind of thing must be reported. As for why the milk jelly was not disposed of but sent to the cook, I think this is a satire on the asymmetric and opaque transmission of information between layers of power. Just like in reality, the instructions given by the superiors are often not implemented and understood or even changed when they reach the subordinates. Similar problems will also arise in the communication of information from the subordinates to the superiors. This also causes the staff to just think Report on the special situation encountered in the cleaning platform today, there is a piece of milk jelly in good condition, but the information is passed to the cook layer by layer, and it becomes a ridiculous result that a piece of milk jelly is returned. Similarly, in the milk jelly It is not surprising that the position of the ornaments on the top has shifted during the delivery process. This also confirms the naivety of the protagonists, black people, and wise men in the play. will understand its true meaning.

And back to the third question, why even if the acceleration of the platform is reasonable, but no one can go up through this method? Because you will be discovered by the staff when you sit on the platform and descend to the bottom. After all, this is a prison, so people will naturally not let you do this, it's that simple~

4. Other issues

Solve the above questions, and the rest is easy to say

Why is it okay for a woman looking for a child to sit down every time? Obviously, she only descends a certain number of floors each time, which should depend on her physical strength and difficulty. She doesn't really go down to the last floor or even sit on the platform. The bottom end will also be caught by the staff.

How do you change layers every time you are anesthetized? When you are anesthetized, you are no different from a cargo. In a world with the ability to build such buildings, the transportation and exchange of cargo between different layers is naturally not a problem. This kind of problem should have been solved when the prison was built.

Is there enough time for the next round trip on the platform? Obviously, it is enough. You can figure it out. There are 1440 minutes in 24 hours a day. Assuming that the total number of layers is 333, each layer can also be allocated more than 4 minutes. It can be seen from the movie that the first floor will probably stop. 1 minute, more than 300 minutes for more than 300 layers, more than 2,000 meters, and the speed of 60 m/s rises in thirty or forty seconds. No matter how you calculate it, it is far less than 1,440 minutes in a day. This doesn't stop.

How to control the temperature not to transfer between each layer? Well, there is really no reasonable idea. It can only be inferred that it will be solved by some high-tech means in the future.

One thing to note here is that all the inferences I put forward are within a reasonable range as much as possible. The less you can open your mind, the less you can open your mind. In fact, when you encounter a floating platform, the problem of temperature insulation of each layer can only be attributed to High-tech solutions, for example, if someone wants to say, since you say that technology is so advanced, why do you need any speed buffers, it is also possible to switch between 0 speed and high speed in an instant, and the plates on the platform do not need to be cleaned , the platform and floor must be strong enough, not afraid of damage, etc., but this is equivalent to using other less-founded assumptions to explain problems and bugs. If this is the case, then just open up all kinds of brain holes. Explanation is fine, but that would be boring, wouldn't it?

To sum up it is:

In a certain high-tech era in the future, human beings will build such a prison and solve related technical problems; there is a buffer zone on the top and bottom layers for acceleration and deceleration, so that people on the first floor can't climb up, and people on the bottom floor can jump. If you go down, you will fall to your death; in order to prevent the items on the platform from damaging the platform and the floor when the platform rises, every day when the platform drops to the bottom, a staff will clean up the objects on the platform, and then let the platform rise, If a prisoner is found to be sitting on the platform, they will be arrested. It is unknown how to deal with it (maybe directly killed). One day, the staff found that the platform that came down was different from the previous one, and there was a well-preserved milk jelly on it. , then reported the matter to the superior, and then the superior reported it to the superior, and so on, the milk jelly changed hands many times between different people, and finally handed it over to the cook. The ornaments on the milk jelly were repeated many times. There was some movement in the process of changing hands, and the final message to the cook was already distorted. This series of events expressed all kinds of irony about today's society and so on.

This is the only inference I can think of so far that can explain all the questions and bugs clearly. If there is a better and more reasonable explanation, please leave a message~

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