Too much beauty ends in balabala~

Robb 2022-03-24 08:01:02

When my friend was bored on the phone and watched the video pushed by Sohu, I thought that after watching a movie for a while, the phone would come over, so I watched the movie, titled "Thriller City".
Unexpectedly, the gentle behavior of the male lead attracted me at the beginning. Like the best morning I could imagine in my dreams, the male lead got up and made a cup of coffee for the female lead, added sugar to her, and then gently called her. After getting up, a series of dialogues between the hero and heroine made me yearn for the married life of two people. It is a habit for two people to have an ordinary dialogue, but to outsiders, it is so warm and harmonious.
But the subsequent development of the story is beyond my expectations, because I have not yet escaped from this imaginary beauty. After the male protagonist's wife went out, the explosion in the city broke the quiet morning. The male protagonist is in a hurry, and his wife's life and death are uncertain... He decided to go to the city to find his wife, and then encountered obstacles, hesitating and helpless, he chose to wait and save himself. These encounters and choices are closely linked like a chain. The male protagonist is like a chess piece on the game board being pushed away by external forces. Neighbors turned to him for help, saying "this is instinct", so that the male protagonist chose to isolate the female protagonist after seeing the female protagonist's return. Seeing this, I can't help but wonder, is this still the male protagonist who kissed sweetly in the morning? But I also thought that this choice may be human nature, in short, it is very contradictory. But if your wife is someone you love, and not just a part of your life, why not stick to that promise? When the wife who was quarantined by the male protagonist still said "fortunately you are not infected", it made people feel chills and heartache. It was a satire on the unexpected ending of the male protagonist at the end. I still say "i love you, but i`m sorry" despite all kinds of hesitations. I can't help but feel that the male protagonist's love has too many flaws. Those who deceive others must deceive themselves. The terrified neighbor finally chose to look for his Mary, and the people who stayed behind finally couldn't get him to cheer him up for another night.

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    Grabbing tape is really more brainy than grabbing toilet paper

  • Destini 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    Small cost big surprise