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[America] Louis Gianetti [Sweden] Ingmar Bergman [Japan] Akira Kurosawa and others / 2007 / World Book Publishing Company

Chapter 10 Ideology

Camp sensibility is particularly relevant, though not unique to, gay culture. Heterosexual actresses such as Mae Weiss, Carol Burnett and Bette Midler have this dimension. It's not all gay either, as Eisenstein, Murnau, Jean Vigo and George Cook were all gay, but their films weren't "camp" at all. (Well, maybe Cook's "Women" count!) Almodovar is a standout, with comedies like "Matador," "Woman on the Brink," and "All About My Mother." ” are full of “camp” fun.

Camp movies like to use humorous mockery to often put some weird and bold characters in the film, such as the characters in the cult film "Rocky Horror Show". Camp likes to use over-artistic and artificial processing. , kitsch and flamboyant—like Carmen Miranda, who danced with a big basket of bananas in "Full House," also choreographed by Can's master Pasby Berkeley.

Camp also uses a lot of stage metaphors: role-playing, drama-loving performances, and life-like metaphors, such as Sonia Bragg's tortured heroine in Kiss of the Spider-Woman. In addition, gaudy sets and costumes (with a vulgar taste) were also of interest to Camp, who exalted certain actresses as "little fanatic" icons, especially Joan Crawford and Ratner's gimmicky women movies, The original serious characters were made full of craftsmanship by them, and they were all victims of suffering but survived. The important thing is that in addition to enduring hardships, they all wear designer clothes and live in luxurious buildings.

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  • María: I've waited so long for this. I feel like I'm dreaming. But since I met you, I haven't slept.

    Diego: I can't sleep either. That means I don't live. I feel I won't sleep if you exist. I won't live if you live.

  • Eva: Mom, I love him.

    Pilar: I loved your Dad. What good was that?