Matador movie plot

2022-10-21 16:15
Diego is a well-known The Bullfighter, who was injured in a bullfight due to a mistake and has since retired from the stage and started a bullfighting school. But Diego, who had become accustomed to the thrill of killing, found that the days without the smell of blood were extremely sad. Angel is his student and the neighbor of his supermodel girlfriend Eva. Angel admired his teacher very much, but one day, Angel tried to rape Eva but failed. He turned himself in to the police and took the latest murders all on himself. The female lawyer Maria, who was madly infatuated with Diego, volunteered to be Angel's lawyer. The police chief felt that the case was not that simple. Diego knew Maria from the news and was drawn to her mysterious aura. Maria takes Diego to a cottage on the outskirts and shows him that she has all of Diego's golden days. Diego fell in love with her completely and broke up with Eva. Eva accidentally learns that the real murderers of Angel's crime are Diego and Maria, and reports the crime to the police chief. When the police chief brought Eva and Angel suspiciously to Maria's collection hut, the two had already fallen into a pool of blood according to Maria's plan   .
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Matador quotes

  • María: Ma'am, do you understand your son's situation?

    Berta: Do you understand mine?

    María: You're not in jail.

    Berta: Pain and shame can also be a prison.

  • Diego: You like bulls?

    María: I prefer bullfighters.

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