The Legend of Billie Jean movie plot

2022-10-21 22:26
Christian. Slater made his screen debut at the age of fifteen years before his hit "Sign of the Rose." The protagonist of the film is his sister Helen. Slater as Billy King, a Texas girl. The two brothers and sisters were involved in a robbery case and were wrongly charged by the police with multiple crimes. They had nowhere to ask for help, so they had to escape the police's pursuit and go to the end of the world. Soon they became idols of rebel youth in Texas. Billy King decided to make the inside story of the police's constant embarrassment to the world public in order to pursue justice and justice. The performances of the Slater brothers and sisters are very exciting, but the director Matthew. In order to please the young audience, Robbins deliberately turned the adult characters into cartoons, which increased the entertainment, but obscured the original theme of the film.
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The Legend of Billie Jean quotes

  • Muldaur: What about this gun they pulled on you, all fun and games?

    Ringwald: I've been thinking about that, I'm not sure that gun's even real. The toy store reported a few things missing, they left IOUs.

    Muldaur: These kids got the drop on you with a toy gun?

    Ringwald: [smiling] Yes sir I believe they did.

    Muldaur: I would've loved to have seen that.

  • Billie Jean: [reading newspaper article] The victim was taken to Shoreline Hospital where his condition was listed as good. Did you hear that? Good! Not fair!

    Ophelia: Not critical!

    Binx: Not dead! Yaaaaaaaay! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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