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2022-10-19 20:45
Also invited "Devil Buster" Dan. Aykroyd, rock star David. Bowie, director Paul. Mazesky et al. The play tells the story of Ed, an engineer living in Los Angeles, who happens to meet the beautiful Diana in Las Vegas. Diana is being entrusted to secretly give the gems to others, but the recipient is plotted, and the brutal killer group is still chasing Diana, which puts her and Ed in a dangerous situation.
John Landis, a former stuntman, is also very good at telling jokes. In 1973, he made his directorial debut "Schlock", a horror comedy based on the theme of gorillas ravaging Southern California. Five years later, he directed "Animal House" and became popular with the fat comedian John Bruch. Later, the two collaborated on "Fu Lu Double Batian", which was a great commercial success. In the 1980s, he made some popular comedies, including "You Fuck Me, I Fuck You" and "Coming and Going to America", and the horror comedy "American Werewolf in London" was also far-reaching. In recent years, he has also filmed many TV series and participated in some film performances.   
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Into the Night quotes

  • Bud Herman: [Opens his front door, sees the four SAVAK guys] Who the hell are you?

    [SAVAK pulls gun]

    Bud Herman: Won't you come in?

  • Shaheen Parvici: There has to be a catch. A... a trick. I do not trust your plan.

    Ed: Well I think it's a very good plan. C'mon, time's running out. Escrow's closing.

    Shaheen Parvici: Did Jack Caper tell you that?

    Ed: Yes, that's right. I'm Jack's son.

    Shaheen Parvici: His son!

    Ed: Illegitimate, but some day it'll all be mine. You and I might be doing business, going out to lunch... all right, OK fine, I'm, I'll tell you the truth. Diana's CIA, I'm On Her Majesty's Secret Service, we've got the place surrounded... I'm really from Immigration, we thought you might have some illegal aliens working around here.

    Shaheen Parvici: What are you playing at?

    Ed: I apologize, I've been lying. I'm actually the chairman of the Committee to Reelect the President. I was hoping for a substantial contribution.

    Shaheen Parvici: You are mad.

    Ed: Now you don't know what to believe, do you?

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