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2022-07-15 20:19
The scene where Terrence Stamp confronts the almost unrecognizable Vanessa Redgrave at the beginning of the film is reminiscent of "Love", but when Redgrave leaves the screen, the film is Not so exciting. -themoviewaffler
The plot is very old-fashioned, but the two senior actors Terence Stamp and Vanessa Redgrave make it all so real with excellent acting. Although we knew where each part of the story was going, we couldn't help but be moved to tears. - blacksheepreviews
At first, no one could understand why Marion loved her stubborn and grumpy wife, but at home he displayed a warmth that only Marion could appreciate. Marion's performance of Cindy Lauper's "True Colors" sets the tone for the second half of the film, where we see Arthur changing his approach to life little by little. --exclaim 
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Unfinished Song quotes

  • James: What am I supposed to make of you? Every time I see you...

    [shrugs his shoulders]

    James: I don't know what it is I've done or not done in my life to make you so disappointed. I mean, I've achieved so many things, so many good things, but you're always disappointed. Why can't you be proud?

    Arthur Harris: I am proud, son.

    James: Well, you never thought once to tell me.

    Arthur Harris: Well, I tell everybody.

    James: Why don't you tell me?

    Arthur Harris: I'm trying now.

  • Elizabeth: Maybe we saved ourselves from getting laughed at by a theatre full of people.

    Arthur Harris: Somebody once told me it didn't matter if you got laughed at.

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