Unfinished Song movie plot

2022-07-15 16:08
The film tells the story of an eccentric old man who succeeds his wife in the choir after her death, regains her smile and starts a new life.
The film was released in the UK on February 22, 2013   .
Arthur 'swife, Marion, is terminally ill but insists on participating in the town's elderly choir. This off-duty choir, organized by young music teacher Elizabeth But the stubborn Arthur did not support or understand Marion singing. He only hoped that his beloved wife could recuperate at home in peace. But Arthur was still stubborn but Marion, even in the last moments of his life, Marion participated in the chorus competition as she wished. The town's senior choir passed the preliminary round of the competition, and Marion died peacefully after the competition. Although Elizabeth and the other old men want to help Arthur out of his grief, the stubborn Arthur not only keeps them away, but even speaks ill of his own son James.
Arthur planned to permanently close himself in the grief of losing his beloved wife, but several unexpected conversations with Elizabeth made him slowly understand the reasons for Marion's love for the choir during his lifetime, and began to reflect on the relationship between himself and his son. relation. Gradually, Arthur seemed to open up. He is determined to start a new life for the dead Marion. 
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Unfinished Song quotes

  • James: What am I supposed to make of you? Every time I see you...

    [shrugs his shoulders]

    James: I don't know what it is I've done or not done in my life to make you so disappointed. I mean, I've achieved so many things, so many good things, but you're always disappointed. Why can't you be proud?

    Arthur Harris: I am proud, son.

    James: Well, you never thought once to tell me.

    Arthur Harris: Well, I tell everybody.

    James: Why don't you tell me?

    Arthur Harris: I'm trying now.

  • Elizabeth: Maybe we saved ourselves from getting laughed at by a theatre full of people.

    Arthur Harris: Somebody once told me it didn't matter if you got laughed at.

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