Is there something wrong with the IQ of the fat man, or is it everyone here? He's just a frustrated gentleman

Ebony 2022-04-12 08:01:01

At the beginning of the film, just by looking at the small plot quality of slaps and electric shocks, I know that this is definitely a good film, and then the explanation that should be explained, there are also foreshadowings that should be buried, which is embarrassing
. , the shot is the crit phone booth. I originally thought this was a good motivational event. It can be used as a logic to unfold the story, and the skip-narrative part can also be kept as a suspense and attractive, but the director has dealt with the fragmentation and impression of this story. The connection and jumping at random would not have a clear narrative logic without the addition of some of the stories of the younger brother later. But just based on this messy story or the scene of the accident, it is easy to find key new tips: "The younger brother's family is going to the empty building", an expectation that the second half will be miserable (in line with the tone of the film and not a suspense film, you can rest assured not Playing with this kind of expectation)
The story of the younger brother part is relatively normal and simple, very Qiong Yao, and then he will kill you.
There are two important overlapping points and non-overlapping places in the two stories. Let me think about the logic of the older brother's story:
1. The older brother gives the younger brother's legacy
2. At the beginning of the older brother's story, there is a drug trafficking partner after the younger brother in the street scene
3. Criticizing the phone booth (The younger brother is flirting with the teacher)
4. Try to contact the younger brother again (passed out of drugs)
5. Go to the younger brother's house
so everything seems to be clearer
In addition, there are a lot of unspoken stories hidden in the narrative jump: stealing myself The child's neighbor, the younger brother and the teacher, the fat gentleman

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