Goodbye to Xiaoyangchun

Laverne 2022-04-13 08:01:01

France is such a great place. The film fully demonstrates the exotic atmosphere of freedom and openness. It was obviously an extramarital affair, but the filming was reasonable, powerful and interesting.

The hero of the film, Jean-Louis Joubert, is a middle-aged married uncle. After the son was sent to boarding school, the wife hired a new maid. As soon as this young, beautiful, lively and capable girl came out, the audience knew something was going to happen. However, the hostess was completely unaware of this and thought the Spanish maid was much better than the old and fierce nanny. Sure enough, Monsieur Joubert quickly fell in love with the maid named Maria. And quickly integrated into the maid group and became a "friend of women".

The film is fast-paced, and the old-fashioned uncle, surrounded by a group of enthusiastic, cheerful and active maids, looks so happy and lively that one can't help but forget that he is actually "off the rails".

The most interesting scene: because the male protagonist is a stockbroker. Mistakenly believing that a wealthy female client had seduced her husband, the hostess threw M. Joubert out of the house in a fit of rage. The uncle had to temporarily live in the small room on the sixth floor where the maids lived. Unexpectedly, the more he lived, the more moisturizing, and the more he lived, the more he enjoyed it. Hang out with the maids and help them solve all kinds of problems. Even popularize securities investment knowledge to them. The next day, the maids came to the investment company with bags of loose change and became stock market aunts.

At the end of the film, the uncle's original partner miraculously fell in love with an artist. The uncle was happy to be free, and started the second spring of happiness with the goddess in his heart. What a joy.

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  • Angel 2022-04-13 09:01:07

    Dedicated to all those who are incapable of love. No matter how much they suffered from the civil war, no matter how hard they worked, they were still laughing, praying, full of energy, and loving life. Mental sub-health patients are envious. Fabrice is the uncle of choice for romantic extramarital affairs in French movies, because he has a non-aggressive face.

  • Sophia 2022-04-19 09:03:19

    The unique temperament of French movies, mixed with a bit of Spanish enthusiasm, this dish is good.