Our love lost to reality and to ourselves

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The first time Zula and Wiktor met was when Zula was applying for a singing and dancing troupe. Zula took the test with her friend. The female examiner thought that Zula's friend's voice was perfect, but Wiktor decided that Zula was the right one. Even though she had a past of trying to kill her father, it was because she had a past of killing her father. Smart, uninhibited, dangerous, such a maverick girl, it's hard not to choose, and it's hard not to fall in love with her, so Wiktor is like the most promiscuous romance after seeing her for the first time The common sentence in the novel is the same, "a mistake at first sight will last a lifetime". Just one look and I fell in love. This is the one that ruined his life.

Wiktor loves Zula, and Zula loves Wiktor too. Two people, one composes for the orchestra and one performs in the orchestra. You watch me offstage, bright and lively on stage, and I'm on stage, cast by your hard work every night. If two people stay in Poland, maybe they will always be a natural couple. However, Wiktor saw that the so-called art was just a poison used by the regime to confuse the people. He didn't want to be an accomplice, but he couldn't resist, so he had to run away. Wiktor wanted to take Zula away, but Zula couldn't help but ask: "Going somewhere else, what can we do?" Wiktor saw through the political reality, but did not carefully consider the future livelihood. Zula focuses on the realities of life and doesn't understand what's wrong with performing brilliantly for the regime every day. Both of them understand the reality, but only understand the part that the other does not understand. They are completely different. So Wiktor went into exile in Paris alone, while Zula stayed.

Years later, Zula followed her husband to Paris and found Wiktor again. Zula got married, and it seemed that she no longer cared about her original feelings for Wiktor, but in fact, getting married is also a part of love. Zula's reality made her understand that just walking away like this will only be regarded as a sinner by the country, so she chose a legal way to open Poland and go to Paris: marry an Italian. Live up to the country's pursuit of love, but use the method of self-injury and hurt others. When the two people had a conflict after the sweet period, Zula told Wiktor that her husband fucked her six times a night, not only when they quarreled. Deliberately saying bad things to hurt the other party, I can't help but tell me how much I have actually paid for this relationship.

As for Wiktor, a lover whom he hadn't seen for many years suddenly appeared and was naturally delighted. He wanted to tell her "what we can do here" with his actions, and he also really felt that this charming woman should be as bright as ever to receive the attention of the public, so he recorded a record for her, and used her once The father-killing past attracts the attention of the audience. Zula couldn't identify with Wiktor's music at this time. Just like those exiled authors, they were unable to publish their own works in the motherland. After exile overseas, they had the opportunity to publish their own works, but the readers or critics, Jiu Bing, lost the language and environment that nourished their own growth. What they wrote did not significance. Zula feels that leaving the motherland is like losing air, and she can't integrate into western society at all, she doesn't understand the meaning of the song Wiktor asks her to sing, she just sings as Wiktor asks, so her singing loses its former sense. Passionate and agile, just singing for the sake of singing. She didn't even understand why Wiktor wanted to publicize the wounds she didn't want to mention. When she was in Poland, this man carefully protected her from being blamed by others for this matter, but in another place, he Become the one who took the initiative to cut the scar.

Wiktor is accustomed to the life and mode of Paris, and self-righteously pulls Zula, who is not used to this set, into his own world. Although Zula left Paris for her lover, she never thought to understand him after the change. Reality, and the "self" of the two have once again divided the two of them. This time, it was not Wiktor who left alone, but Zula. Zula left Wiktor and her husband, whom she regarded as a tool, and returned to her homeland alone, a place that was not very beautiful but she regarded as her roots.

Two people who are so contradictory should not fall in love. No matter how much they love, they are destined to only hurt each other. But it is because they are different from each other that they will feel that they are obliged to each other. The more deadly they are, the more deeply they love each other. After losing Zula again, Wiktor may understand that Paris and his lover cannot coexist, or maybe he simply does not want to lose Zula, so he decided to return to his motherland, but was caught at the border. Zula received the news and hurried to see Wiktor, but at this time Wiktor's hands had been twisted and deformed and could no longer play. In order to love her, he lost his other favorite - music. She finally understood how deeply he loved her. She once loved this man, but what she loved most was the composer who could compose all kinds of songs that she was happy to sing. Her love for her motherland not only ruined Wiktor, who made all kinds of music for a living that she didn't understand, but also ruined the person she also fell in love with at first sight. Everything can't go back, it's the reality that hurts each other, and it's the self that can't be separated, hurting each other, and making everyone safe.


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