People without rebellion have no future

Sofia 2022-04-23 07:01:10

I don't quite remember the previous Rapunzel storylines, but this new adaptation is really allegorical, it tells the story of Rapunzel entering a period of rebellion, then taking the first steps of independence and finally developing her own life story.

To be independent, you first need to get rid of your dependence on others, whether material or spiritual, before you can start your own life journey. And the beginning of independence may be the rebellious period of youth, whether it is the kind of rebellion on display or the criticism in my mind. There is no feeling about the rebellious period, that is, people who have not experienced the rebellious period basically do not have much future. Because the character tends to rely on others, and is somewhat cowardly, bound by rules and regulations, and lacks the courage to take the first step in life. This kind of person needs a bit of time to be independent.

I have found that on the way to growth and independence, there will always be people like the witch who don't want you to leave, don't want you to grow up, and always want you to stay in the infant stage, maybe intentionally or unintentionally. For example, parents, of course, whatever they do is out of love for their children, but it may not be the right way. For example, some parents dote on their children too much, for fear that their children will be hurt a little bit, and do everything in their place, while some parents are too controlling and always want their children to be obedient and obedient. All these may make children become too dependent or lose a kind of motivation to develop and love life. For example, some elders, seniors, teachers, mentors, etc. in the society, people who love to be teachers. Some of them may not have malicious intentions to remind you, but some people do have ulterior motives. When you have your own ideas or want to create and change something, they are like the witch telling you that there are wolves and tigers, and then say this It's the reality that makes you put those thoughts out of your way and in the name of wanting to protect you and love you.

And the rebellious period at the beginning is the opposite of these people, you say yours, I explore my own, and maybe I will find my own way in the end. And those who are not in the rebellious period, obediently, although sometimes eager to try, they are still frightened by some "persuasion". They stay in the tower and do not want to come out. Life is boring but safe. Later, when those people grew up and matured from the rebellious period, they were no longer blindly rebellious, and they had their own principles and a set of ways of doing things. Good babies are still in a pure and naive stage, tend to be gullible to others, rely on their "tutors" whenever they think they can't handle things, and sometimes do things they think are "outrageous" and carry heavy burdens. The burden of thinking is actually just a big deal.

Fortunately, even if you have not experienced the intense and short rebellious period of the youthful version, people can still experience a more rational and longer "rebellious period" in the future, and eventually become a person with an independent personality. If you haven't even experienced this older version of the "rebellious period", then you can only stay in that tower all your life and live the life set by others.

By the way, handsome Eugene played a big role in Rapunzel. On the road to independence, you may sometimes need someone to help you. This person will not restrict and suppress you, nor will you be too dependent on you. He will give you enough room to grow, and when you are independent, he will definitely give you a hand. You have long hair, and it is fortunate that you can meet such a person. If you can't meet it, you can work hard and be self-reliant.

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