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Syble 2022-04-19 09:01:11

There are many people who have commented on this film. One of the popular comments has almost written all the elements of narratology, and some people have analyzed and summarized the "Rosebud", so I will ignore these and just want to talk about my own. feel.

This film may have been very influential at the time, but it is generalized now, with the same structure as Akira Kurosawa's "Rashomon", and many of the blocky narratives now. Not necessarily the narration of the characters, but also the blockiness of the plot, such as "The Butterfly Effect" and so on.

For Kane alone, I think he is a typical rich person who lacks emotional love. He has decided all this since he was taken away by his surrogate father when he was a child. Therefore, when he grows up, his personality develops as follows: 1. Due to the lack of mother and father Love, want to win the love of everyone; 2 because he has money, so headstrong. Headstrong asking for love and not wanting to give or not giving in the way that others want, ultimately caused his emotional failure.

However, when it comes to shaping the characters, for love, the description of Kane seems to describe him as a person who does not care. The two divorces were caused by his wife leaving him voluntarily. This seems to be a bit unrealistic. If a man, When he behaves like "I want to do what I want" in both career and life, he will also be like this in love, unless the person he marries is stronger than him. In this way, Kane does not care about his wife, and he also has The rationale is that the first term was the president's niece, and Kane wanted to break into politics very much at that time; the second term was married after losing the election, which was equivalent to a spiritual comfort.

I think Kane is a typical Leo man, constantly wanting love, depriving it of love, loving himself as well, headstrong, very confident, forcing others to do what he asks others to do. He concentrates on the typical characteristics of a Leo man; in the second half of the film, especially when he begs Susan bitterly not to leave him, he is very moved. I felt that Susan chose to leave after he said so many humble words, which was not a very conscientious approach. What's the point of leaving him alone and living alone in a huge house.

Kane wants to get love, keeps asking for love, keeps losing love, he always loves others in a way that he thinks is right, in fact he is not wrong, but it is unacceptable, isn't it? Not his sorrow? He has experienced brilliance in his life, and he has also faced successive failures. The experiences of ups and downs always end in a lonely death, and all his thoughts are gone. All he misses is the sled in his childhood, when it was real hapiness. From this point of view, like Jackson, he will always love his "Never Land".

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  • Kailey 2022-03-24 09:01:10

    The script of the film is really amazing, I want to read the original script. The shooting technique is also clever, and the use of depth of field shooting is very decent. My personal favorite scene is the short breakfast scene between Kane and his first wife, which lasted 9 years, and the expressions and expressions are wonderful. Undoubtedly this is a masterpiece, especially from the literary point of view that I pay most attention to.

  • Omari 2022-03-25 09:01:05

    Hey, this is the classic movie history that is always on hold: too heavy, too much sigh, the movie itself has to stand back. Orson Welles still had an immature face at that time! Listening to his radio work, watching his first short film, and watching this again, what appeared in front of me was not a god, but a young man who required creativity and thinking in everything he did and would actively seek opportunities to realize his creativity. .

Citizen Kane quotes

  • Kane, age eight: [talking about snowman] Maybe I'll make some teeth and whiskers...

  • Charles Foster Kane: A toast, Jedediah: to Love on my own terms.