All civilizations have a tragic and unforgettable past

Payton 2022-04-20 09:01:08

The film directed at Daniel Lewis, indeed, his superb acting skills overshadowed Leonardo and Cameron, and played a brutal but flesh-and-blood gang boss.
If the film ends at an hour and a half, it's just a gangster version of a clichéd Prince's Revengeance, but the next hour elevates it. Let us see Leonardo's forbearance, the sadness of small figures in the torrent of history, and the unbearable past before American liberal democracy.
There is an unknown side behind all halos. All successes are preceded by hard and difficult failures. Human beings are like this, moving forward in constant killing and peaceful alternation. The civilization of a region, a country, and even the entire human race needs to pay a heavy price. The same is true of the United States, a country that claims to be liberal and democratic. There are more interferences in the internal affairs of other countries and accusations of previous attitudes. Sometimes I really feel that it is fifty steps to laugh at a hundred steps. In Western terms, is it similar to past-style ridicule? Time? hehe~~

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  • Mazie 2022-03-22 09:01:09

    Do you think it's an action movie? In fact, he is a drama! Do you think it's a gangster movie? In fact, he is a documentary! Do you think it's Hamlet? In fact, BOSS is a national machine!

  • Jayme 2022-03-25 09:01:05

    Making a movie is like making a giant sculpture, Martin Scorsese, awesome! ! !

Gangs of New York quotes

  • Miss Schermerhorn: Is that man drunk?

    Happy Jack: Och, dead as Good Friday, miss.

  • Young Johnny Sirocco: Oy! Boyo!

    Young Amsterdam Vallon: Johnny.

    Young Johnny Sirocco: What you doin', boyo?

    Young Amsterdam Vallon: There's a battle. The natives against the dead rabbits.

    Young Johnny Sirocco: Which side are you on?

    Young Amsterdam Vallon: What do you think?

    [points behind him]

    Young Amsterdam Vallon: Dead rabbits.