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Clinton 2022-04-20 09:01:08

Jack followed his boss to handle the case. Obviously, he had long disagreed with his boss's behavior, and even despised it. Looking at the boss's handling of the case and the attitude towards the prisoners, it is obviously not the conduct that a real policeman should have. But Jack, who had just arrived, obviously pinned his hopes on this training day, and wanted to use his abilities to prove to his boss, but he didn't know that he was in the abyss of conspiracy step by step!
First, he made Jack smoke marijuana in a way of half seduction and half coercion! This is the beginning of Jack's deep fall into the dead, which led to one being the order of the boss, and the safety psychology caused by Jack's trust in the boss, and the other is Jack's desire for this hope that can change his life. This is the so-called no desire is rigid, since there is a request, it will inevitably be used by others.
Lawrence saw through this point and dared to coerce Jack so arrogantly, and spoke to Jack's family again and again. During his step-by-step street training, Jack increasingly felt challenged to his values ​​and principles, but didn't quit in time at two pivotal points that were completely infuriated to end up putting himself in such a dangerous situation. Even after seeing the filthy and dirty way of handling the case by Lawrence and others, he got into Lawrence's car. It seems that Jack, under the temptation of Lawrence's wolfish philosophy, went from initial awe to step by step confusion until the final compromise. ...And in the end, Jack's hard blow was just a sudden awakening after knowing that Lawrence was going to put him to death. This is the real Jack, but it is also the Jack who almost never finds himself!
Although the story is over, Jack may not be able to live a peaceful life in the future. How powerful are the forces behind them, how dirty the way they do things... And they only solved a Lawrence, and even after being beaten into a beehive by Russian gangsters, there is a final conclusion that he was killed in the line of duty... Lawrence Lost, it can be said that he is still a winner, he is dirty and mean, and he has abandoned his integrity as a policeman. But in the end, it has become a model for future generations and the object of praise for the media. Die so decently... What is good? What's wrong? What is the world? What is Jack desperately fighting for? It's just his own principles... it's his conduct to the world! In the end....Be alert and there are thousands of Lawrence.... Since Jack has already embarked on this road. What is the final result... Is it the invincibility of evil.... or the power of justice slowly degenerating under coercion and temptation... Who will know?

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  • Hayden 2021-10-20 19:00:10

    *The plot of the film is rubbish* When the bad policeman Alorzo took Ethan to the home of the informant's drug lord, the clue to the plot was buried. Arrozo owes Russia 1 million U.S. dollars, and he needs to obtain an illegal search warrant to rob and kill his major informant, and to blame Aesop. But this conspiracy didn't emerge until later. Before that, what Alorzo presented to the audience and Ethan was a mentor detective who was both good and evil.

  • Melyna 2022-03-22 09:01:09

    Very good police film, even more human thinking. In addition, the acting skills of the two are really nothing to say.

Training Day quotes

  • Smiley: [to Jake, before Moreno, sniper, Smiley drag him into the bathroom and lift him into the tub] You got the right to be bitch-slapped.

  • [on phone]

    Jake Hoyt: Hello?

    Alonzo Harris: Hoyt?

    Jake Hoyt: Yes, sir?

    Alonzo Harris: You on your way to roll call?

    Jake Hoyt: Yes, sir, I'm on my way out the door right now.

    Alonzo Harris: Hoyt.

    Jake Hoyt: Yes, sir?

    Alonzo Harris: Patrol ferries go to roll call, we don't go to roll call...

    Jake Hoyt: OK, that's good to know.

    Alonzo Harris: Listen, there's a coffee shop at 7th and Whitman. Be there, ten 'o clock, in civies, comfortable shoes. You got a backup gun? Somethin' pocket size?

    Jake Hoyt: Uh, no sir. I got the Department issue Buretta...

    Alonzo Harris: Good, good, bring it. Cuffs too. We'll be in the office all day, but who knows? Maybe we'll do some business, we're an aggressive unit.

    Jake Hoyt: Uh, yes sir. And that's exactly why I signed up, and I just wanted to thank you...

    [Alonzo hangs up]