24hours of the rookie police

Benny 2022-04-21 09:01:12

1- Who exactly trained whom? ! 2- In the end, it is still a story of a good man and a good reward! 3-Training is also the story of adults and children, thinking that they will cultivate the direction they want, in fact, the trainees have their own persistence and path, and your control will only be more rebellious. 4- People who insist on themselves will always deserve the moral affirmation in virtual reality, which is chicken soup. 5- One black and one white represent two lines, and even the confrontation between tradition and modernity. It is difficult to say that the secular use of violence and violence to shoot to death in random guns is the end or invalid. At least it represents a kind of power. I believe this Power is more commonly used in politicians, and the rookie's approach just satisfies the modern man's yy for the ideal policeman, but as said above, there is no irrational coincidence that he ends earlier than tradition. Of course, you can say that a rookie is inexperienced, but it's normal for a rookie to die in a baby, isn't it? !

6- How will rookie Jiege choose? Is it similar to what happens after Nora leaves? After all, his great first-dream experience was unpleasant, or did it seem more fulfilling to go back to the police and catch the punks? Xiao Hei Ge Zai also mentioned at the beginning that changing himself and then changing others is the way to enter the WTO. Don't become a mother-in-law and forget your daughter-in-law.

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    I used to be the same as you, but so what, the old fritters are often not as miserable as in the movies

  • Carey 2021-10-20 19:00:40

    "Power leads to corruption, absolute power leads to absolute corruption." Acton's famous saying hit the nail on the head. Alonzo used the principles of human nature that he understood to promote the legitimacy of using drugs to combat drugs, and used the methods of wandering on the edge of the law to express the greed of human nature so "reasonably and reasonably". It should be said that this is mainly due to the actor Denzel Washington's three-pointer, incisive and vivid acting, and absolute actor-level performance. 8.2

Training Day quotes

  • Smiley: [to Jake, before Moreno, sniper, Smiley drag him into the bathroom and lift him into the tub] You got the right to be bitch-slapped.

  • [on phone]

    Jake Hoyt: Hello?

    Alonzo Harris: Hoyt?

    Jake Hoyt: Yes, sir?

    Alonzo Harris: You on your way to roll call?

    Jake Hoyt: Yes, sir, I'm on my way out the door right now.

    Alonzo Harris: Hoyt.

    Jake Hoyt: Yes, sir?

    Alonzo Harris: Patrol ferries go to roll call, we don't go to roll call...

    Jake Hoyt: OK, that's good to know.

    Alonzo Harris: Listen, there's a coffee shop at 7th and Whitman. Be there, ten 'o clock, in civies, comfortable shoes. You got a backup gun? Somethin' pocket size?

    Jake Hoyt: Uh, no sir. I got the Department issue Buretta...

    Alonzo Harris: Good, good, bring it. Cuffs too. We'll be in the office all day, but who knows? Maybe we'll do some business, we're an aggressive unit.

    Jake Hoyt: Uh, yes sir. And that's exactly why I signed up, and I just wanted to thank you...

    [Alonzo hangs up]