ruthless depression

Joy 2022-04-22 07:01:02

In an era of the Great Depression, the story of King Kong begins.
After waiting for a bizarre but not mysterious hour, King Kong appeared. After jumping cliffs, walking cliffs, beating up dinosaurs, and comparing some disgusting and terrifying bugs, I finally felt the same way as the heroine: King Kong, "So beautiful"! Many people died, all of them had unknown personality traits. King Kong was then brought to New York by "self-righteous humans" and became the Eighth Wonder. Standing on the eaves and not bowing his head, King Kong had to be killed by humans who were "destined to conquer the sky".
Killing a sentient and intentional monster, will human beings win or lose? Things in the world are so simple.
"King Kong" is over, and the world continues to be depressed. Tomorrow...what time will the relief station open?

PS: I can't accept that some critics cling to the so-called "love" in the film. Judging from a certain clip, this gorilla is indeed very "cute" and very "feeling", but the heroine treats him only as a kind of "philanthropy" towards pets, and King Kong only regards the heroine as a friend, saying " "Human and Animal Love" is a bit "hard", after all, this is not a love movie.

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  • Raegan 2022-03-21 09:01:11

    It's pretty good-looking, and the most sincere feelings often end in tears!

  • Gerhard 2021-10-20 19:00:14

    I like King Kong very much, but the front is too long.

King Kong quotes

  • Carl Denham: I'll give you another thousand to leave right now.

    Captain Englehorn: You haven't given me the first thousand yet.

  • Carl Denham: Monsters belong in B movies.