Kraig 2022-04-23 07:01:09

I've been obedient, I've come to write a movie review before reading it, I've never seen such a low-minded film. Every character tries to look stupid, right? There was only one woman on a boat, and the natives were slapped away. A team of SBs on the boat is going to save people. It's really awesome. The creed of life is to seek wealth and danger, and the dinosaur will survive under the crotch, and the protagonist will not fall to death, right? The nt captain sternly said that I don't want to get involved, and I'll be a savior every time, right? This director is the only one who has an IQ point online, and it took a long time to break the chain and it still broke. I love the heroine so much, just because this monster beats the dinosaurs away, she will never give up on the monsters People kill it, and it's so beautiful to be held by a monster, isn't it? Extremely anti-animal nature, I am really afraid that the heroine will applaud after King Kong knocks down the plane... Don't make any nonsense about "human animal love", the heroine is stupid, extremely stupid, this film is built On top of stupidity, its roots are as solid as the New York residential buildings in the movie where King Kong can happily parkour. Brody's writers at the beginning are useless, firstly personable, and then slashing bugs for the next two hours? (It's disgusting, you motherfucker) And she has become the mistress between the heroine and King Kong. This is a Brody black history movie. When I watched it, I always hoped that the heroine or King Kong would die soon...

It's not like a sci-fi movie, it's a real feeling. It's good for everyone to watch it... There are so many good movies, it's best not to waste three and a half hours on this kind of stuff, don't watch ah ah ah ah! ! !

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  • Gerhard 2021-10-20 19:00:14

    I like King Kong very much, but the front is too long.

  • Eunice 2021-10-20 19:00:13

    I watched it on CCTV6 when I was a child. King Kong can defeat 3 Tyrannosaurus rex at the same time, but it loses to humans, which is terrible.

King Kong quotes

  • Carl Denham: I'll give you another thousand to leave right now.

    Captain Englehorn: You haven't given me the first thousand yet.

  • Carl Denham: Monsters belong in B movies.