On the beauty of the heroine Evelyn

Margarita 2022-04-20 09:01:08

When I saw the heroine for the first time, I felt that the heroine was stupid. But as the story progresses, the heroine becomes more and more sexy and prettier. He revealed an exotic beauty after wearing Egyptian clothes, which deeply attracted the male protagonist. Although the male protagonist said at the beginning that he did not like Evelyn, it can be seen from the various actions of the male protagonist. show his love for the heroine. The heroine is pure, her love for Egypt and Egyptian culture, her pursuit of knowledge, her respect for her parents, her longing for love, and her responsibilities after the release of the Pharaoh High Priest. i like the heroine

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Extended Reading
  • Grayce 2022-03-24 09:01:11

    Childhood nightmare, I basically don't remember the plot, just remember those black bugs crawling under the skin of the person, the skin of the person bulged one by one, and then disappeared. Scared to death. . . .

  • Winifred 2022-03-22 09:01:09

    Childhood memories and classics cannot be substituted into some people’s too strong values ​​when watching movies. This is the subconsciousness of the Westerners. The so-called spirit of adventure, to the wealth plundered by an ancient civilization, can comfortably call it the result of exploration, just like the Eight-Power Allied Forces, but the Qing government was treated as a native on the expedition. The treasure robbed is also at ease.

The Mummy quotes

  • [Imhotep, fully regenerated, and Beni walk through the possessed crowd towards Rick, Evelyn, Jonathan, Dr. Bey, and Ardeth]

    Dr. Bey: It's the creature. He's fully regenerated.

    [Imhotep speaks in ancient Arabic]

    Beni: [translating for Imhotep] Come with me, my princess. It is time to make you mine, forever.

    Evelyn: For all eternity, idiot.

    [Imhotep speaks in ancient Arabic]

    Beni: [translating for Imhotep] Take my hand and I will spare your friends.

    [Rick scoffs]

  • [a scarab has just crawled under Jonathan's skin and he starts screaming]

    Rick: What?

    Jonathan: It's my arm! My arm!

    Rick: [to Ardeth Bay] Hold him!

    Jonathan: Do something! Do something!

    [Rick flicks a knife out]

    Jonathan: Not that! Not that!