Priscilla 2022-04-23 07:01:12

In "Venom: Deadly Guardian", he created a hero who is not very heroic. Everyone has seen Iron Man, Captain America, and people like them maintain justice. They are just like our hero Guo Jing in the later period. Can be picky. And Venom is different from them. He has character, temper, cuteness, and funny. But let's try to think about it, if people like Guo Jing don't have the heroic hero Jin Yong gave to serve the country and the people, how many people will like it? , especially in times like these. So such a hero movie that is different from the past seems to give you a living person, very close.

Before watching the trailer, everyone may think that this is a very disgusting, violent, and bloody movie, but when you walk into the cinema, you will find that this is a very relaxing, comfortable and interesting movie. You will find that such a very cute character has an unsightly appearance, but he likes it very much.

He has a deep, sexy and magnetic voice, big cute eyes, and a long, restless tongue. I have to say that Venom is also an emotional master, a pick-up artist, and a psychologist, who has worried a lot for us Eddie.

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  • Clement 2022-03-22 09:01:11

    Venom is the Optimus Prime among the parasitic beasts. After only a few days of coming to the earth, I have a deep love for the earth’s civilization.

  • Kamron 2021-10-20 19:00:22

    Throughout the whole process, I felt that Mr. Tang was very hot, and Mrs. Tang was too hot. Can Mr. Tang be hot again?! Then the venom is so cute.

Venom quotes

  • [Eddie/Venom beats up Dr. Drake's men]

    Venom: Outstanding. Now, let's bite all their heads off, and pile them up in the corner.

    Eddie Brock: Why would we do that?

    Venom: Pile of bodies, pile of heads.

  • Venom: Listen carefully, Eddie. You did not find us. WE found you. Think of yourself as my ride.

    Eddie Brock: Where are you going?

    Venom: We need Carlton Drake's rocket. You remember him.

    Eddie Brock: How do you even know about that?

    Venom: I know everything, Eddie.

    Eddie Brock: You do?

    Venom: Everything about you.

    Eddie Brock: How?

    Venom: I am inside your head. You are a loser, Eddie.