On the New Efficient Path of Government Governing Violence Haha

Dorris 2022-04-19 09:01:17

Two years ago, there was a news about the death of a British truck carriage that shocked the world. I saw Bing Ru also mentioned that this movie lying on the list has always been interested in smuggling and border topics.

In this film, the government adopts a high-efficiency and low-cost approach to drug crime and violence. "Using violence to control violence" The enemy of the enemy is a friend. A new approach is bound to challenge the habit of "playing by the rules". The moral standards in the minds of the law-abiding people exist in the law enforcement team. This conflict of "what is right" is also a major point of view, just like the debate over procedural justice and consequential justice in legal cases.

In this border drug lord extermination and rectification operation, those in power chose "results first". To break the basic laws and regulations that make many human civilizations work, the fastest way to end the chaos is to establish a unified and powerful leadership group rather than destroy the existing ones. The U.S. government starts from the institutional mechanism of Mexican society and arranges a strong big brother to lead it to chaos and violence, making it an orderly criminal organization because 20% of the U.S. population depends on Mexican drugs. Since it cannot curb the demand, it can only maximize the find a solution in which you can control the situation

The concept and perspective of this film are quite high. It is not a pure crime action film. The photography and soundtrack are also in place. Overall, it is good

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Sicario quotes

  • Kate Macer: Are we going to Tucson?

    Matt: Yeah, you gotta learn how to sleep on a plane. They let me on the base when you need a ride, don't they?

    Reggie Wayne: [to Kate as they approach] You okay?

    Matt: She's fine.

    Reggie Wayne: I didn't ask you.

    Matt: And yet I answered...

  • Alejandro: Fausto Alarcon "El Verdugo". Every day across that border, people are kidnapped or killed by his hand or with his blessing. To find him would be like discovering a vaccine. You understand the value of that?