Professional is always professional, a sense of immersion that has not been seen for a long time

Isai 2022-04-23 07:01:14

It's been a long time since I watched such a good film. If I miss a line, I will go backwards. I usually watch too much station B. 1. The theme plot is not so pleasing. After all, it is a challenge to the legal system and order of mainstream American culture. Before entering, the commander reminded her whether she had thought about it, indicating that she was about to enter a special world. In such a special border environment, not only the American police have insiders, the Mexican police directly transport drugs, and the Mexican SWAT sneaks into the insiders when the traffic jams, and the high-level government instructs them to do so. Everything has been approved. As the actual protagonist of the frontier killer, not only is morally depraved, kills at will, and destroys other people's families, but he is proud to the end. Therefore, such content is naturally not very popular with Americans. The theme of the entire film is actually the huge difference between the two countries separated by a wall. The border killer only beats the American police, even if he is a traitor, without hurting his life, and then uses it in various ways. It is also a policeman, and his life is not so good in Mexico. Easy to do. At the US border, shooting is not a matter of anger. The heroine is often confused on both sides due to the collapse of her outlook on life, so Ted was almost strangled to death together, and was shot by the killer who could not remember the name. , and then was punched to the ground, so the officer in slippers said "You went on the wrong side of the tunnel", which was actually her state. Until the end, she picked up the gun in anger, as if to kill the demon, and suddenly realized that she was in the United States, shed tears, and slowly put down the gun. It is such a fragmented world that makes an outstanding female police officer in the mainstream American world schizophrenic. Everyone is normal, the black brother knows to go, the slipper knows to use each other, and the border killer seeks his revenge. Only her, this can be regarded as a side embodying the theme, the fragmented world causes personality confusion. Although the heroine really wanted to show this in the performance, it seemed that there was nothing else to show except smoking, violence, and crying. Comparatively speaking, the aura of the real protagonist Frontier Killer is quite right. How can a mainstream American female police officer react like this when she collapses? ? This movie is not only a counter-theme, but also has a unique point of view. For the stowaways in Mexico, it is not blindly considered that the low-end population has been repatriated. For these people, repatriation means death. To the stowaways, it is not a hostile attitude, but a clever use to finally find a channel. And among the passages, there were originally civilian passages and drug trafficking passages, and most people would not dare to touch that. Very detailed, very real. For the slum city separated by a wall, it is also well depicted, and it is shot from various angles. This theme , This kind of shooting method is rare and deserves praise. Moreover, the way the protagonists of the movie appear, one leads the other, this method is also quite interesting: the heroine leads the slipper, the officer, and the officer leads the protagonist. Reminiscent of "Hunting", which was once a fire, in 2020. Second, the killer comparison is also a performance killer, which can be compared well between peers. "This Killer Is Not Cold", the two directors expressed different demands. This film mainly reflects a special area such as the US-Mexico border, while the latter focuses on showing the warmth of the killer, and finally puts down his frame as a professional killer. And finally died, which is a pity, because of the warmth of someone, so the score is very high, but this movie is a contrasting environment, there is no laudable character, the score is naturally low; compared with "No Country for Old Men", the killer of this film is It's not scary enough. The mood of the plot is mainly in the shooting environment, while the latter focuses on the step-by-step shock, which makes people in a suffocation that can't be relaxed for a moment. It's quite fun to watch these three films together. 3. Photography Actually, the filming of this film is excellent, comparable to "1917", although the style is different. Due to time constraints, I will be brief in a few words: the exterior is grand and beautiful, and the interior is pure and clean. Aerial photography of cities, high-definition night scene infrared scenes, plain storms, sunsets and sunsets...

Today, I will add another photography. The biggest feature of the film is the moving picture, but the director always uses the still picture to skip the cruel picture, such as the naked man hanging at the beginning. Move, look at this cruel picture from a surround perspective, such as killing people with a knife in a tunnel, only to let you see the night vision footage after being killed, and it is also a surround perspective walking by the side, such as the boss family behind the scenes, although three They were all headshots, but there was no cutscene, there was only one result, a medium and long-term view, like a painting, three people had fallen and blood was splattered everywhere. This kind of anti-movement expression is quite innovative.

The director's attention to the picture, in various details, such as the angle rotation under the satellite perspective, such as in the large bank surveillance picture, when the lens is shifted to the right, the top TV has moiré-like lines, not post-editing, It's the reality that is pushing the camera, and the realism is in these details.

The film's unification of the Mexican picture. From the first hut, it was like being in the desert map of "Jedi Survival", the feeling is very similar, and the back is consistent. This high-definition quality of the plain wilderness feeling is well captured.

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